Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Christy Clark and Yesterday's BC Liberals scheming no different than Cons Senator Mike Duffy fund Raisers

All the secrecy around where our British Columbia Government Ministers are to be, or where they were, is tightly kept under the FOI wrap of NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS  Sec. 22, Triple-O-Delete.

There is, thankfully, a Calendar of their Events provided by the BC Liberal Party brass who are always looking for help in their fund raising projects while the Ministers are in the area, even for a day or two early, or leave a day or two later, for Victoria, or Creston, or Kamloops, or Vancouver or.....

We don't mind the fundraising bit, political parties do it, but ......  when it comes to the Titles, the Offices, the Ministers names adorned upon the BC Liberal Events that are NOT open to the general public, party members only, then what's the difference between Ministers of British Columbia and the majority of corrupted Conservative Senators of Canada?

Senator Mike Duffy was used, willingly, by his Party to fund raise for their coffers in preparation for the next election(s) while being paid from the Senate treasury supplied by taxpayers of Canada.

The Auditor General of Canada has spent million of dollars tracking down the trips that Senator Mike Duffy took for his speaking engagements on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada, and their party faithful, while we had to pick up the tab for their double, triple, dipping activities.

Duffy set up a trip to go see his daughter delivering on the west coast and then let it be known that he would be available to fund raise while he was out here.   He didn't pay for his visit to see his daughter, we did.  The Conservative Party of Canada didn't pay for his trip, we did.

Is that scenario any different than Christy Clark's Ministers traipsing around the province for fund raising activities a day earlier than required to do official business on behalf of British Columbians just so they can be the top billing for the party faithful?

What came first?  The need to fund raise, and oh by the way while you're in our town ..... could you cut a cake and a ribbon or two on a new PPP building?
We know about Duffy, but what of the BC Liberal Ministers?

Here's a Duffy like monumental screw up by the BC Liberal GCPE.  Black Tie and Blue Jeans (no shirt) Fundraiser.   It's the low slow ball pitch, below the official invite.

Dementia? a senior moment? November 2 was on Monday, not marked on the calendar, but don't worry, we'll be back on Friday:

November 2, 2015 at the Quesnel Seniors Centre

Friday, November 06, 2015
6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Is the schedule for the Ministers trips based not on local issues solely, but more on the business of fundraising, promoting local MLAs: Health Minister Terry Lake to the North, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone to the South?  (Lake and Stone constantly fundraising, understandable, they're Kamloop locals .... but bringing in a gun for hire)

eg.  Minister of Community Peter Fassbender is leaving Metro Vancouver on Sunday to travel to Kamloops the day BEFORE his handlers want him in town on Monday.   Would that be a charted private flight or WestJet public, economy, for fundraising purposes? How many flew with the minister? and what will they be doing on Sunday, schmoozing at the Hoodoos Club House?

What of Today's BC Liberals?  November 2015

No mention in this Press release that Fassbender will be in the town of Kamloops for TWO days, is there?

Kamloops WaterCooler
During the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in September, the minister made a commitment to visit the city to view and access the New Afton Mine site.

The City of Kamloops is considering stretching its boarders to include the mine which harvests gold, silver and copper.

eg. Fassbender
Minister of Community Peter Fassbender will be in Kamloops Nov. 9 to discuss plans to include the New Afton mine within city limits, which will include meeting with those potentially impacted by the proposed change, including First Nations and people in the mining industry, Mayor Peter Milobar says.     Fassbender will also have an opportunity to see the lay of the land.  Info News - Penticton

November 8 Hoodoos Club House: 1000 Clubhouse Dr, Kamloops, BC 

Dinner with Minister Lake and Minister Fassbender

Dinner for Two on our Gold plated dime

November 9 Sunshine Golf Course: 3206 Highway 101, Roberts Creek
Lunch with Honourable Shirley Bond


November 12 Triple-O-Fundraiser Coleman in Langley
Thomson and Bennett in Creston at the Ramada Hotel: 1 1809 Highway 3A, Creston


Fundraiser John Rustad:  Terrace Curling Club
Laurie Throness, John Martin and Minister Peter Fassbender: Harrison Hot Springs Resort


Fundraiser mixing Christmas Party in November with Politics: Brown's Lynn Valley SocialHouse

December  Dinner with House Speaker Linda Reid: Continental Seafood Restaurant

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Anonymous said...

I understand exactly what you're referring to, however if the opposition tried to raise the issue it would first have to prove that it doesn't do the same thing with it's travel allowance. I'm guessing the Liberals have a much bigger travel allowance and it might be easier to get away with. The public might think the opposition is only being negative once they hear Christy & the gang explain how travel takes away from home life, or they always arrive early to meet workers & constituents. Christy Clark is campaigning 24/7 and the public doesn't seem to mind. The opposition if it's hands are clean need to document these activities so if ever they form government they can do the same & show the public the Liberals track record. Somehow I don't believe the opposition is at all interested until the public spending reports come out & they can attack the government on helijet & other airfares.
What the opposition really needs to work on is a public relations answer to the Liberals continuous calling of the " NO Party ". I'm sure there's a few good comebacks to being called the "No Party", and they need to start spreading that message.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

The one "Advantage" that the BC Liberals have had for the past 13? years that the Opposition hasn't had access to, is the word: MINISTER The Minister will be attending these functions of the BC Liberal government on our dime.

It's by no coincidence that the Ministers appears in private, raising funds for their Ridings association and within one day, either before or after they are going for photo ops to the Public forums.

Where are the photos from the private functions? eh

Anonymous said...

My earlier suggestion has now made it twitter: " Funny how BC Liberals call NDP "no" party. BCL said "no" to BC Rail and health firings public inquiries, "no" to duty to document "

That was from Bob Mackin who in my opinion is the best investigative reporter we have in BC.

Guy in Victoria