Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why is Premier Christy Clark using her Office Budget for Privileged Partisan politics: all expense paid trip for Party lottery winner for a wined and dined lunch!

Strange title that the BC Liberal's Pamela Martin uses, RoundUp, but its no different than Premier Christy Clark poisoning the Treasury with absurd invoices for reimbursement to her party purse without realizing, not recognizing the similarities to the false assumptions made by Brian Bonney, who is now facing the Courts in regards to the Ethnic Scandal of 2013.

What are we taking about?

February 2015
  ....if you join right now, you'll be entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Vancouver to meet with the Premier over lunch. We'll announce the winner in May.

Pamela, bless her, keeps all the YouTube videos rolling, and she can't hide her follies by merely overwriting the file name on the BC Liberal Party Website   News 'Today's BC Liberals'


That's poisonous to grass root organizations, right?

British Columbia Liberals Roundup with Pamela Martin

LNG in BC - Facts
 The 2015 International LNG in BC Conference is designed to help British Columbia seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here’s what you need to know:

What does it mean when the BC Liberals use the phrase once-in-a-lifetime?     a lottery?
one-off, in/at one fell swoop, on-shot, (just) this once, isolated, unrepeatable, once

How much is this conference costing British Columbia taxpayers?

Pamela is also the Host for promoting Christy Clark while the two of them make promises, and more promises, more so to the party faithful than the faithless.

For example:

'http://www.bcliberals.com/news/' website puts layers upon layers of news bulletins using the same file name.  Yesterday & Yesteryears promotions that Pamela Martin has written, choreographed for Today's BC Liberals are gone, except, with the means of the WayBack Machine, and depending upon how many times the 'machine' has crawled through the website ..... the overwritten same name files are accessible.

How would you like it if you were shown that Premier Christy Clark has been using her Government Office Budget to promote the BC Liberal Party, at the BC Liberal Party headquarter, welcoming new members, while she is supposedly working for the citizens of British Columbia?

Back to Pamela's RoundUp

If in doubt as to the quality of the WayBack machine, because of the   'Read More...' all you have to do is use the one sentence, highlighted in bold blue above and you'll find it via Google.

Or just read the last sentence out loud:
The Premier also stops by party headquarter to make some important phone calls to our newest members.

Christy Clark's mixing partisan politics with Government responsibilities, paid for by taxpayers, is no different than what Brian Bonney who has been formally charged by a Special Prosecutor.   To make matters worse, BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark saw the problem, and then with her Party Leader hat on she signed the cheque from the BC Liberals coffers and returned 50% of Bonney's salary that was paid for, totally, from the Premier Office budget.

Why is it that Christy Clark doesn't see the same conflict as Bonney, with his sitting at his GCPE desk and Clark sitting in the BC Liberal Party headquarters making phone calls promoting the Party as something that the Treasury shouldn't be paying?  A return of her Salary paid by us, would be the right 'Bonney' thingy, but then that would be two Strikes against her.... three if one counts running a red light.

Leader Christy Clark is exercising her well thumbed copy of the Manhattan Experiment formula, using the financial resources of the Government to make IMPORTANT phone calls to her newest members and not realizing that she needs to reimburse her Treasury for the use of Government GCPE expenses, diverted transportation costs, and the designated RCMP officer(s) who attends to her every need.
Premier Christy Clark for a Photo Op

Hi, I'm Christy Clark and I'm the Premier 1:17 / 3:47

Youtube phone calls

The Privileges of Membership with the BC Liberal Party

Published on Feb 2, 2015
What happens when you join Today's BC Liberals?
Watch as Premier Christy Clark phones new members just to say thanks for their membership.

It's just one of the privileges of membership - getting to connect with the leaders of the province who are working hard to build a stronger British Columbia. You can join those leaders by signing up with just a few simple clicks here: bclib.ca/join.

Plus, if you join right now, you'll be entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Vancouver to meet with the Premier over lunch. We'll announce the winner in May.

What does it mean when the BC Liberals use the phrase once-in-a-lifetime?    
one-off, in/at one fell swoop, on-shot, (just) this once, isolated, unrepeatable, once

This Culture of Entitlement, this Perk, this Privilege, of an all expense paid trip of being a member of the BC Liberal Party, to be wined and dined with Premier Christy Clark, in the 'oval' office, photo op any different than Premier Bill Vander Zalm using his Office to promote the sale of Fantasy Garden for a financial reward? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Will the Boston Bar Little League be offered the same all expense paid trip to Vancouver to meet the Premier over lunch?

Will Williams Lake?

Will Terrace?

Will Fernie?


scotty on denman said...

So galling it just blows you away, don't it?

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark has been on the campaign trail since she was elected. Will the NDP say anything about this new advertising tactic or is it afraid of being called out for doing the same. Or maybe it's afraid of being labelled because they actually spoke out. The MSM is not a friend of the NDP, we all know that. What's worse is the NDP are always ready to fall into the MSM trap that makes them look stupid or not interested in the economy. Christy Clark could hold Liberal party meetings & rallies in her office and the public could care less. Maybe that's because they're too busy looking for work or keeping their financial heads above water.

Guy in Victoria

John's aghast said...

Nice to see we haven't lost any of our 2,933 trillion (that's 2.933 quadrillion, isn't it?) cubic feet of gas as of October 13, 2015! Still worth $100 billion, so inflation hasn't affected it and the best part: its still good for 100,000 jobs!
Does that mean we haven't picked up even one job since May of 2013?

Oh well, at least we're not frittering away our resources. Or our job prospects.