Thursday, September 24, 2015

Premier Christy Clark's July 30th, 2015 cabinet shuffle: Protects high profile Peter Fassbender for bungling, blame, of massive privacy breach

It must have been nearing the end of the 2015 Spring Session Question Period that Premier Christy Clark started to think about a Cabinet shuffle for the Fall Sitting.  That thought process was interrupted by a passed note from Deputy Premier Rich Coleman marked "MOST MOST SECRET".  Damn but she hated the GCPE sense of humour, the middle finger salute 'MOST', the most.  Why can't they just write: FOR PREMIER's EYES ONLY? 

The flurry of these wintry notes had been on the increase ever since December 18, 2014, her last Cabinet shuffle when she was forced to shift Advance Education Minister Amrik Virk to the Document Bomb Disposable Department because of leaked copies of his emails while at KPU.  Turned out that Virk HAD been the driving force as a Governor to circumvent the O.I.C. freeze on KPU hiring salaries.  As a former RCMP officer he should have known, better.

Virk's one line December Mandate from Premier Christy Clark has been simple: SHRED EVERYTHING

What does she get from the miscreant on April 30th????: 


Preparation are in the works for a Fall Sitting and now an expendable Amrik Virk is called upon by Premier Christy Clark to explain himself on what transpired in July but probably started in April's MOST MOST SECRET note.

If you've been following the stories in the BC Liberal Government Press Release there is No mention of Peter Fassbender, No mention of  Mike Bernier.  Same holds true for the Mainstream Press.

In July, a records review by education ministry staff triggered a search for the hard drives – each device smaller than an average shoe box 12 X 7 X 4. It was only when the other hard drive was located in late August – also unencrypted – that B.C. government officials realized just how significant the data loss was.

The ministry sent a team of 50 people to tear open hundreds of sealed boxes in a warehouse near Victoria, but when that effort failed to locate the missing hard drive, officials notified Mr. Virk and Elizabeth Denham, B.C.’s independent privacy commissioner, on Sept. 18.

And if you're as curious as we are about why the 50 people would have to TEAR open hundreds of sealed boxes in a warehouse near Victoria.... doesn't that show that HUNDREDS of sealed boxes haven't been properly documented for the database either?
September 22, 2015 Rob Shaw
...... The government doesn’t know if the hard drive has been stolen, misplaced or destroyed, said Virk.
But it leaves anyone currently aged 10 to 47 potentially at risk of having a copy of their name, birth date, gender, address, special needs status, grade point average and provincial exam score shared or accessed inappropriately.

As well, the drive contains potentially embarrassing data on why some students withdrew from school — such as substance abuse, mental health or family problems — and sensitive information about children in government care, including adoption status, intellectual disability programs, health and behavioural issues.......

While education ministry staff were doing their frantic search for most of July, their illustrious leader, Education Minister Peter Fassbender, responsible for the lost hard drive, is PROMOTED on July 30th.

Typically any garbage that the BC Liberal Government wants to dump is done on a long weekend  July 30 was the evening before the start of a long weekend, BC Day.   Peter Fassbender is 'responsible' for Community, Sport and Cultural Development portfolio which was formerly held by Coralee Oakes.

 Christy Clark Cabinet  2011- Present

George Abbott, Education  Minister who dreamed up the External Hard drive Idea in 2011???

No!   2011 Yes but No!

How about the Health Minister who FIRED eight health Researchers?

You mean MacDiarmid?  appointed by micro manager Premier Gordon Campbell 


 From the Office of the Premier,
Christy Clark

Dear Mr. Mike Bernier (MLA),

I am pleased to announce your removal from the backbenches to the front row pew of accountable Ministers.   Your status of having no skeletons in your closet is an asset, at this time.  Your date of appointment to the Cabinet Caucus is July 30th, 2015.  Your portfolio is the Ministry of Education.

Congratulations, and to put your mind at ease I am asking you not to double the efforts of Peter Fassbender after his having lost sight of 3 million student records.

Vaughn Palmer: September 24, 2015
“It is deeply concerning to learn about another case of a major privacy breach involving unencrypted data,” said Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. “Especially troubling, given that the education records on the external hard drive contained the personal information of more than three million students.”


Anonymous said...

Rob Shaw on Fassbender's promotion which now includes Translink. Has anyone heard his name lately? Has the press been asking him for a comment on the breach of missing personal data of students while he was minister or is it BEFORE THE COURTS answer.

There's a lot of high priced Ministers' staff collecting data where once upon a time they would have kept it in house. Its now being turned over to one Minister, Amrik Virk, and he has the data scattered all over Victoria and in every other major city in British Columbia.

Feel better? Virk?

e.a.f. said...

There may be any number of reasons to steal all this information. One of them would be access to all the names of future consumers. Another, for use in future elections.

I do wonder who has the computer contract for all of this.

The government might get a little more careful if a lot of parents and students filed a class action suit against the government over this. This loss of privacy is not to be taken lightly. One does have to wonder how that much information gets lost and how much information is lost that we don`t know about. No I don`t want my medical information on a government computer chip.

Anonymous said...

3 card monte.? house of cards?

Anonymous said...

If youre unable to manage one child in BC how can you be trusted to manage at all.
breach of public trust?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...