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Plecas 'Pete' rides shotgun over BC Ministry of Children and Families twice: Mavis Flanders 18 Years ago and Now

Informal:  Plecas 'Pete'      Formal name calling Robert S. Plecas

We're really not sure whether all of the Ministers in the BC Liberal Government are being led astray with misinformation in the BC Legislature, or just the two:  Terry Lake: Health Researcher Firings and one Death.    Stephanie Cadieux:  Ministry of Children and Families placement of children with their bent Father rather than their trust-worthy Mother.

Merv Adey at BC Veritas
There are problems with this appointment. Here are a few, but before reading further, consider that the court’s finding is that children were abused over a couple of years due to the MCFD workers disputing the judges previous finding that there was risk of abuse, due to MCFD misleading police, and ignoring an existing court order to enforce supervised visits only for the father.

Historically, 1997, Plecas 'Pete' offered three questions that are just as applicable to 2015
 There are three questions I will answer.

1. Did any staff member mislead you, deliberately or not, based on the information they had in their possession at the time they reported?

2. What happened that caused you to be provided with information that you subsequently supplied to the Legislative Assembly that proved to be wrong?

3. Was this a case of suspect practice, or, were staff covering up information to protect either themselves, or the Ministry or you as Minister, or, all of the above?

Nothing Learned, Nothing Gained




Plecas Releases Report on Mavis Flanders (39) Case

VICTORIA - Information on the Mavis Flanders case provided to the minister was incomplete because the file was incomplete, Ministry for Children and Families deputy minister Bob Plecas says in his report released today into how information was provided to the minister in days following Flanders' death last March.

"I have concluded that no one deliberately misled or withheld information from the minister," said Plecas. "I have determined that the minister was provided with the best information available at the time by staff who were working with the best of intentions. There was no ill motive on behaviour of staff.

"As deputy minister, I accept full responsibility for the information the minister was given."

Plecas found poor case practices - identified in the children's commissioner report and through an internal review - led to the gaps in information provided to the minister. Recommendations from both reviews are now being implemented.

The children's commissioner review, which looked at the involvement of all agencies involved with the family, was released June 27. The internal review focuses on ministry policy, practices and procedures and provides recommendations for improvement. Recommendations from the internal review include:

    joint training in risk assessment mad in dealing with alcohol and drug addicted parents for both native court workers and ministry staff
•  developing and adopting standards for contracted agencies, including homemaker services
•  moving ahead with a system of integrated case management that ensures better communication among service providers

• ensuring systems are in place to better track key decision points in a case, such as at the end of a supervision order

"We have all learned a great deal from the thorough reviews of the tragic life and death of Ms. Flanders and we are working to ensure the circumstances are not repeated in the future," said Plecas. "Despite the difficulties we encountered in this case, we will continue to encourage a culture within the
ministry that is open and accountable."



For more information contact:

Chris Ewasiuk
Communications (250) 356-1775 (Victoria)

Ninety-Seven Page Report  1997
Conclusion Remarks

My report is finished and we are left with the question of accountability. In my view it lies with myself, your Deputy Minister. I accept it and offer you my apology.

However, I do not feel to go further is in the best interests of the Ministry, or for the job we have at hand. It is time to get on with it. We do not need further studies or reviews--we need to learn from this and get on with the hard work. 

As I said earlier there are three resources needed to do any job; people, money and time. While it is always nice to have more of the first two, the most important for us right now is time. Time to change the culture.

Time to fully implement risk assessment and integrated case management.

Time to close the gap between what we know has to be done in these areas and
what is actually happening on the ground, at the front line worker level.

Time to change a cloistered approach to an open one.

Time to implement early intervention strategies.

And finally time to get beyond blame.

Robert S. Plecas
Deputy Minister


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 the road back from hell
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Anonymous said...

Well done, thought it all smelled fishy but then I am not the trusting kind.
When someone is always brought out as the solution you know they probably are part of the problem.
All governments need protection from themselves.

Anonymous said...

Lets bring in our own people to solve the problem.maybe even recycle some of them?