Friday, July 3, 2015

Translink Plebeian-cite vote results: 2,513 rejected; 173 envelops left sealed; 38,393 not Considered

38,393 ballot packages were not considered as they did not meet the requirements of the plebiscite Regulation.

Elections BC's one page report on Translink's non-binding plebeian votes, tallied by their respective communities but when it comes Not Considered and Rejected, not a peep of information.   Is this a common occurrence, same people spoiling their ballots, not understanding the importance of get out the vote; or have they just sent a message to everyone? 

What it doesn't show is if the rejected 2,513 ballots were concentrated in the Shaughnessy area where Ms. Christy Clark, intentionally ruined her 2013 ballot just to get national television coverage.
Elections BC  Plebians

Fine Print:

*759,869 ballot packages were considered. 173 ballot packages contained envelopes with either two or more ballots, or no ballot. In accordance with the Regulation, these envelopes were resealed and set aside.

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