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Kinder Morgan's pipelines Achilles Heel an anomaly: Castor canadensis

 something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

A couple of busy beavers in Burnaby were able to knock a locomotive off it's track along with railcar hoppers loaded with Coal in Burnaby two years agor.  The coal damaged the Frog habitat and the BC Environmental department stepped in.   CN Rail blamed the beavers who were only doing what they've always done, naturally ... build dams, not quite the size of Site C but given time .....  Argentina forests are under a terror alert.

Does Kinder Morgan handle beavers any better than CN Rail, and why would KM be concerned about beavers?  Its not as if their pipeline is going to fall off a track, nor are the beavers digging down to gain access to the steel pipe to gnaw on the wrapping either.  The beavers are doing to Kinder Morgan as to what they did to the railroad barons.  Dam them.

Kinder Morgan keeps track of their pipes by using their 'animal', a PIG to discover if Beavers or corrosion are problems.   The perfectly programmed PIG knows the distance traveled, elevation changes, left and right turns, right side up and upside down and in some cases, whether the pipeline has risen from the marsh's depths to float upon dammed waters.

Every pipeline going through a marsh area should be treated like its a National Park because of this:

Concrete set-on weights were placed on the pipe......
KM prefers to go the route of CN Rail, using a full time crew looking for Beaver dams, instead of using concrete set-on weights. eg.
Anomaly detected during tool run.  Anomaly dig on Private Land within Trans Mountain right-of-way.

There are two existing beaver dams in the area that are restricting water flow into the North Thompson River. A wildlife permit has been obtained to dismantle these two beaver dams, and a local trapper has confirmed the absence of active beavers. Removal of the two beaver dams will reinstate the natural flow of water towards the North Thompson River, thereby lowering the water level within the work area.

 Trans Mountain Kilometre Post 631.941 (Latitude 51.758313; Longitude -119.329721)
 You got it, Trans Mountain does have an Achilles's heel.  Water, it just doesn't mix with oil.  Neither do Beavers.

October 17, 2014

Kinder Morgan's Achilles Heel

Right top: Marsh adjacent to the North Thompson River

How many Anomalies does it take to be normality, regularity, standard, usual, usualness


Anomalies or normality, regularity

HOPE, B.C. — Kinder Morgan has shut down its Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia for the second time in as many weeks, due to an oil leak.

The second incident occurred 40 kilometres east of Hope, and it comes the same day the company plans an open house in Metro Vancouver to discuss its proposal to expand the line that runs from Alberta to the port of Vancouver.    Snip    Financial Post - National Post 2013

Vancouver Observer:

“There's been more oil spilled than [Kinder Morgan] is saying,” pipeline critic David Ellis said last November. A March 2014 document reveals there was, in fact, quadruple the amount that the company initially reported to have spilled at Coquihalla Canyon. 

20 - 25 Barrels   - CBC

Putting Kinder Morgan's 'leaks' into perspective, English Bay spill was 2,700 litres    aka  17 Barrels

Enbridge's Kalamazoo River spill: 834,000 barrels

Kinder Morgan Aframax:  750,000 barrels


Google Earth Search Criteria:  Kinder Morgan Canada Inc. Anomaly Investigations


One item is missing


 DAS Cable  or Existing Pipeline

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