Friday, April 17, 2015

Heli-ski industry's Standards: One helicopter, One landing pad on BC pristine snow covered mountains T/F?

If anyone has been wondering why the BC Liberal government is planning a toll free bridge at the top of Upper Arrow Lake Fixed Bridge, in the middle of nowhere, there's a new industry taking flight:

For example:

Kootenay Heli-Ski Inc. applications blending in with Mountain Goat habitat

Operating Area Zones

NH   Landing Pads

Maybe the intent by the Ministry of Environment is to give hunters a leg up on EXACTLY where the Mountain Goats to be SHOT with a rifle.    Of course if this location was near .... Penticton ....  helicopter training sessions wouldn't be a risk to mountain sheep ... just ask a baby sheep  if the  Whap-Whap-a-Whap sounds like gunfire or a chopper has effected her ability to relax while living on the EDGE.
Simmons argued that the sheep in Snowy have become accustomed to the training flights over the years and are not stressed as sheep would be experiencing helicopters for the first time. “If you asked the bighorn sheep, how many generations have been listening to helicopters? Much like deer in Penticton, they’re completely used to what they see and hear in their environment.” 

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Wildlife Impact Assessment Kootenay Heli-Ski Inc.

Kootenay Heli-Ski Inc. is offering helicopter-access skiing from December to mid-March within the central Selkirk Mountains north of Nelson, British Columbia,

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Other Helicopter Skiing application / proposals

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Blackcomb Helicopter   Communication Radio Tower  Application

Due to the small and non-invasive nature of this project, local First Nations have NOT been contacted.  There are no identified First Nations cultural sites near to the subject area.

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