Friday, March 20, 2015

"In God We Trust": Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipe Line 40 pages of Failures from Edmonton to the shores of Burnaby

60 failures between Sumas (Abbotsford) and Burnaby's Burrard Inlet

Page 39 of 40 and the next page too for TMPL route without a hint of a timeline

Let us count the ways
External Corrosion

Internal Corrosion

3rd Party Damage

System Operations

Construction Threat

Total Failure

Environmental Consequence Score

Environment Risk Score

Number of HCAs aka High Consequence Areas


Pipeline Integrity Analyses for Construction in Mountainous Area


.....Therefore, the main public impact consequence that is associated with a catastrophic failure of a high-pressure non-sour gas transmission pipeline is that of thermal radiation subsequent to the ignition of the gas cloud that is evolved from the rupture. .....

 GTS-RateCase2015_Exh_ ORA_20150223_ExhORA

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Body Bag Counting before Seismic School Upgrading
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