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The Fix is In: Edgewater Casino camera operators are reading your Cards, and Text messages

Harvey Oberfeld  Supreme Court Gets it Right ... maybe
......... the Supreme Court, is really quite limited: police will be able to search, without warrant,  the content of people’s cell phones …but ONLY IF they have been arrested on a particular charge.  And the ONLY INFORMATION they can gather MUST be related to those charges.

In other words, the police will NOT be able to just stop anyone in the street and, on suspicion or just a hunch, demand a look or search of anyone’s cell phone.
The Supreme Court Decision: R v. Fearon

Note: The birth of this Post started November 10th, and then put on the backburner, until we read Harvey Oberfeld's Post this morning and we went Ahhhh Haaa!

The Vancouver Police Department was caught red-handed using Edgewater Casino security cameras to read over-the-shoulder-text-messages to capture criminals planning their next act, the moving of illegal weapons.  A Judge shot that method down as an invasion of privacy covered by the Charter.

The lesson learned will be that the next time any police force uses over-the-shoulder-text-messages reading they'll not be entering the collection methods to the Courts, fact is they'll deny the evidence ever existed because charges were based on solid,  hard work, due diligence, investigative police work.   Which is fine so long as their new method doesn't include you and me, the law abiding folks, who are merely typing in our passwords to buy some gas while that overhead camera... for the protection and security of the Oil Industry property .... at their gas pumps ...... from perps.

Has there been a Report on over-the-shoulder 'shooting' thefts on Credit/Debit Cards?

The November Post-to-be-Now

Who's checking up on Edgewater Casino camera operators when the police aren't looking over 'their' shoulders who are using the technology to catch the gun toting bad guys?

Vancouver Sun:
Judge raps police for using casino cameras to read suspect's texts     By Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun November 11, 2014

........In his ruling, Bowden said casinos rely on high levels of security to detect cheating, money laundering, and other public safety threats. "The Crown's position is that there can be no expectation of privacy in a casino in British Columbia," he wrote.

The casino camera operators could zoom in on Wiwchar's cellphone and read both messages he was sending out, and incoming messages from others. This would be no different, the Crown argued, than someone looking over his shoulder while he was typing.

Bowden, however, sided with defence lawyer Simon Buck, who argued his client had a reasonable expectation of privacy when sending and receiving texts on his phone, even if he was doing this inside a camera-ladened casino.

"There is no evidence to suggest that a person standing close to the applicant could have read the messages," the judge added.

Instead of photographing the text messages, police should have used the more traditional method of obtaining copies from his cellphone service provider, Bowden concluded. ......

Edgewater Casino Poker Room:
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 The Edgewater Casino, located adjacent to BC Place in downtown Vancouver, BC was converted from the original Expo 86 Ontario Pavilion in 2005. ATB supplied many of the architectural components in addition to forming and fabricating the steel components for the Joel Berman Feature Glass chandelier located in the uppermost roof peak. For the casino, we formed and fabricated the stainless steel handrails and the gaming table canopies that both supply an architectural flare and allow the mounting of security cameras in an unobtrusive way.


Casinos have struggled to remove problem gamblers for some time. They have tried facial recognition software to keep problem gamblers out, but they admit it just doesn't work. They've had more success using licence plate recognition software, but that leaves out everyone entering on foot.


Edgewater’s top criminal-incident ranking, Paragon Gaming Corp. spokeswoman Tamara Hicks said the casino has a safe environment, a product of its advanced security and surveillance system and highly trained staff.

“Our security systems are very comparable, if not stronger, than a bank,” she said. “We track everything. The cameras are there. You can’t go to the bathroom without being watched.


.... relocated Edgewater Casino will have 1,500 surveillance cameras and 150 security staff monitored by trained staff 24‐hours a day.


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There is a Note on BC Casinos Security but it's all On-Line software stuff, not a whisper is stated by BC Lottery Corporation when it comes to camera surveillance violating your Charter rights to Privacy.


 No mention of who in the BC Liberal Government doles out the $134 million as was the case for Premier Christy Clark spoon feeding it to municipalities for oversea trips....

 .......  The spring season marks another intake period for organizations to apply for community gaming grants and grants from the BC Arts Council. The BC Arts Council awards $24 million in grants to artists and art organizations, while $134 million in community gaming grants support the work of thousands of community organizations. Grants support efforts of organizations and individuals who are enriching our culture, and making a positive difference in the lives of B.C. families.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon in this space.


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Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
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