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Premier Christy Clark's BC Wood: Build Anew British Columbia's ageing National Park Dry (Pit) Toilets

Eleven years ago we bought our first house (circa 1940).  Two years ago we decided to build a new guard rail on our second story sundeck.  Most of our friends call it a shade-deck, which probably explains it's earlier than expected "retirement" due to West Coast tree loving huggers, and the weather.   We checked in with North Vancouver's Dick's Lumber, RONA, and Home Depot in West Vancouver, and finally city hall where we discovered that the building code height for railings in British Columbia had been changed by the BC Liberals.  Their move had something to do with insurance companies losing revenue over liability issues, which prompted the need for an Executive OIC to allow insurance rates to increase to make up for Corporation losses due to injuries and death ..... claims, not proven in Court.

We sought out a layperson's opinion on rail heights: 
The BC Building code requires ALL guard rails to be 42" in height for exterior if the height above ground is greater than 600 mm (23 9/16").

Max 4" gap between vertical members (so a small child can't get their head stuck), and no horizontal members that could allow a child to climb the railing.- Building Code for Railings Forum
Our existing railings consisted of horizontal boards with large spaces between with an overall height of 32" which fitted in nicely, proportionally, with our knock off Arthur Erickson flat roof home and our garden waterfall which has a 3/16" per foot elevation gain in 16 feet!


We've just returned from our late summer vacation of six days in the Canadian Rockies.  First four days in Yoho National Park exploring the original route for the CPR line complete with a discarded locomotive;
a hike up to Hamilton Lake; a trip to Golden to replenish our food stocks in the morning, afternoon drive up to Takakkaw Falls; and a wasted trip to the Hoodoo (Bear Scat aplenty).  The remaining two days were spent roaming around Banff National Park's Morraine Lake.  One day a stroll up to Consolation Lake (Mandatory requirement Four Or More hikers)(BEARS in area).  The Requirement has reduced the loners to nil.  The next day we struggled up the switchbacks for three hours for a sneak preview of Eiffel Lake and then it was an hour returning to Morraine Lake.  On both days, the Morraine Lake parking lot had spilled over onto the approach road for a kilometre.

Two lanes reduced to one and half.

Dry Pit Toilet availabilities were not kept up proportionally.

Knowing that we would be leaving Yoho for Kelowna the next day, and having 21 camping trips to this region over 37 years we decided to take in our second visit to the lookout for the CPR Double Spiral Tunnels.  There's only one visible, but there's plenty of signage that directs visitors to the other side of the valley to see the second spiral tunnel.  The Trans Canada Highway viewpoint parking lot has ample room for cars, buses and Truckers too.... however,

Armed with the knowledge of a BC Building Code and the BC Liberals change in Rail Heights, and the banned horizontal ladder like railings, we were quite shocked to find Christy Clark, YES, Christy, with her back to the wall, promoting BC Wood for overseas markets!

Here's Christy:


Her favourite Earrings? Matching socks? High cut sweater?  Sleeves rolled up?  BC Jobs Starting Anywhere There but not Here!

I swear, beyond the rail that she's leaning against, it's a sheer drop, well in excess of 109 feet!  The height of the top rail is lower than a kitchen table by 2 inches eg. 28"!  The spacing between the top rail and the bottom board is 12 inches.  Perfect for children to climb up.

We were standing on British Columbia soil within a designated National Park and the Feds are not required to adhered to our laws?

Not more than fifty feet away to the West is another incorrect version of how the National Parks of Canada build fences within British Columbia.  The bottom is still 109' down!  Posts are taller which allows for a third rail, still not legal, but the view is better from there.

In locations that have a large fan base like the CPR Spiral Tunnels, the Natural Bridge, and Morraine Lake, the mode of toiletry is best served DRY, as in PIT Toilets.   Nice building designs, not well kept up paint maintenance, dustbins emptied daily, ahhhh, but beauty is only skin deep, right.

Exterior not in Pristine condition to match the beauty of the Rockies  CPR Spiral Tunnel

Would Premier Christy Clark, leading another Trade Mission to Asia, expect to find this:

Lobby: Male side shown, Female is sure to follow

Larger space reserved, sort of, for the Handicap.  Why have a seat that lifts?

Complete circle toilet seat ....

Smaller space for non-handicapped, but they obviously need more training on aiming, and PLEASE lift the seat first, eh.

Horseshoe shaped toilet seat


These images are what tourists are greeted with in Banff National Park's eg. Morraine Lake, Taylor Lake and best worst of all, Bourgeau Lake named after Eugene Bourgeau who was a French-born botanist who served with the Palliser Expedition in 1857 – 1859:

  Parking lot is small, Foot traffic is light, but it does have one stall for all: Bourgeau Lake

Hinges need WD-40; Door Closer needs replacement
Dual Handicap/non Handicap Dry Toilet with Horseshoe Seating arrangement

THE BEST PLACE to Stay is Kicking Horse Campground
Yoho's Kicking Horse Campground has a washroom/shower building which appears to be similar to the building overlooking the CPR Spiral Tunnel viewpoint, but, inside, the story is totally different:

Washrooms are immaculately cleaned daily for two hours and while we were there, the Men's washroom had a Sloan Waterless Urinal installed:
Waterless urinals all use basically the same science. Urine flows down the bowl of the urinal past a debris-catching strainer. The urine then passes through a sealing liquid, usually a specially designed oil based fluid or simply vegetable oil, and collects in the waste pipe below. The different densities of urine and oil (urine is denser than oil - oil floats!) mean that the urine sinks through the sealing liquid and the oil floats on top of the layer of urine below. Any air bubbles rise to the top and escape leaving the urine in a relatively low oxygen environment. Odor is therefore trapped below the oil layer and cannot find the nose of bathroom occupants. 

Kicking Horse Campground:

With new toilets added this year and with the sign that said:  DO NOT WASH DISHES IN WASHROOMS were replaced with USE THIS Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for dishes, complete with hot and cold water ........ Outside.

The thing is, if politicians like Christy Clark or Stephen Harper were to do a Photo Op Pit Stop at any Canadian Rockies location, the powers to be, their GCPE handlers, would bring in portable chemical or flush, or waterless systems to ease the pain of dropping one's drawers onto cold, wet, pavement.

Commoners be damned!


e.a.f. said...

Federal parks and buildings are usually exempt from provincial laws.

Once the federal government started cutting back i.e. to cut the deficient, workers were laid off. The work was contracted out to the lowest bidder. You know from our B.C. hospitals how it goes with cleaning going to the lowest bidder. it isn't pleasant to see in a National Park but the bathrooms in some hospitals at times don't look much better.

the salamander said...

.. should be brought to public attention during next federal election and laid directly at PM's feet.. or his leveraged wife, Laureen.. in case they would like their children to experience this...

Don't waste time with Christy Clark.. just visiting to feather her nest like Harper

Anonymous said...

Feathering yer nest - isn't that peacocking.?