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Un-Masking Christy Clark's Trade Missions to Asia

Sneeze:  A sneeze, or sternutation, is a semi-autonomous, convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, usually caused by foreign particles ......

A recent FOI involving one of Premier Christy Clark Trade Missions to Asia  turned up an interesting photo on Page 32.  It left us going Hmmmmmmm because the PUHA logo on the photo showing urchins being packed into plastic containers, was  not listed as a company that accompanied Christy Clark on her Trade Mission.   (Open Information website)

The Premier's Office of GCPE (public relations officers) appears to have accepted, at face value, that the required hygiene steps are being properly applied in the Agrifood industry of Seafood when they "borrowed" the image.

Page 32 of 36:  The ladies have their white coats; plastic or baseball hats to cover their hair; boots (running shoes from home); jewellery; watches;     masks, a requirement ...... .   Mask, Masking, half masked, not quite what one would expect to find.

Reassuring, eh, to see the Mouth covered, Not so for the nose exposed.  No guarantee that the mouth is Open or Closed.

There are British Columbia Laws surrounding personnel / personal Hygiene requirements when processing seafood, its vague legalese writing, nothing in the details of specific handling of the seafood products.  We did come across this EXCELLENT Vancouver Coastal Health list of ALL food facilities inspection Grades, visits, permits, closures, one page, current example, is down at the bottom is for Sushi restaurants.

We had to go further afield to find something more substantial:

The  Bord lascaigh Mhara  Irish Sea Fisheries Board: Hygiene Requirement when Handling Seafood

....No jewellery, with the exception of plain wedding rings and sleeper earrings/studs should be worn. This also includes watches and bangles, which can be a source of mould.

.....Personnel must gain access only through a changing room where they are required to change their footwear and protective clothing and to wash their hands

Hygiene Requirement when  Handling Seafood:

The Mouth, Nose and Throat  (page 6 of 10)

Large numbers of bacteria are present in the mouth and dental plaque can contain as many as 100,000 million bacteria /gm. Brushing teeth regularly prevents a build up of plaque and reduces the degree of contamination that might be transmitted to a food product if an employee gets saliva on the hands or sneezes.Up to 40% of the adult population can carry Staphylococcus aureus in their nasal cavities. Occasionally, microorganisms can penetrate the mucous membranes overlying the surfaces within the nose, sinuses,pharynx and oesophagus and establish themselve in the throat and respiratory tract.  Direct contamination from the nose and mouth to food products is via coughs, sneezes and spitting. Indirect contamination is via touching or wiping the mouth or nose and then touching food, either through scratching or via eating and smoking. 
There are millions of wearers of masks, but they are basically all worn the same way.

The BC Liberal GCPE (PBA) (Government Public Relation OIC people) borrowed the PUHA  Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association (New Westminster, B.C.) for their own use. PUHA website has more photos in the Galleries section.... must have been where the GCPE folks borrowed the images.

There are different forms of masking:  "Female" method:
Page 32 of 36 BC Trade Mission Document
"Male" method:
Only one Page multiple images

Then again maybe Males do it too, which leaves one to wonder if the first image of the guy holding up the seafood products was doing it for show satisfy Canadian Food Inspectors ... and in the Video, YES  there is a video, he removes his mask so that his words will be captured without any problem for the Cameraman who is also dressed to the 9's hygiene wise too????

The Ladies have their masks on, which means they are working with urchins.     He doesn't.  You'd think the cameraman would have just done a voice overlay of the guy....

Work Safe BC or WCB has their idea of how a mask should be worn:


Exporters like PUHA is not on this online list of Vancouver Health Food Inspection of Facilities from A to Z.     Facilities being restaurants, coffee houses, WHITESPOT, pizza parlours, etc. An  EXCELLENT source of cleanliness...... or NOT clean at all.....

Supreme Pizza 6539 Victoria Vancouver 30-Dec-2013
Sura Korean BBQ 1830, 4151 - Hazelbridge Way Richmond No Inspections Available
Sura Korean Cuisine 1518 Robson Vancouver 03-Dec-2013
Sushi Home 509 Dunsmuir Vancouver 19-Feb-2014
Sushi Aoki 1888 W Broadway Vancouver 15-Apr-2014
Sushi Bang 100, 500 W Broadway Vancouver 10-Jan-2014
Sushi Bar Aji Sai 2081 W 42 Vancouver 18-Oct-2013
Sushi Bay 1284 Kingsway Vancouver 11-Feb-2014
Sushi Bella 1175 Davie Vancouver 24-Jul-2013
Sushi Bella Restaurant 2059 W 4 Vancouver 20-Jan-2014
Sushi by Yuji 2252 Kingsway Vancouver 01-May-2014
Sushi Cafe Kitchen 1B23, 650 W Georgia Vancouver 18-Dec-2013
Sushi California 388 W Broadway Vancouver 11-Dec-2013
Sushi Day Restaurant 150, 333 Brooksbank Avenue North Shore 29-Apr-2014
Sushi Den Japanese Restaurant 609 Abbott Vancouver 03-Jun-2013
Sushi Dragon Japanese Restaurant 614 W Broadway Vancouver 22-Oct-2013
Sushi Gallery 3772 W 10 Vancouver 24-Apr-2014
Sushi Go 7026 Kerr Vancouver 17-Jul-2013
Sushi Hachi Japanese Restaurant Ltd 2255 W 41 Vancouver 25-Feb-2014
Sushi Hachi Restaurant 1278, 8888 - Odlin Crescent Richmond 27-Dec-2012

VCH also has a list of Closures of restaurants near you....

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