Thursday, May 15, 2014

Premier Christy Clark's Air Mail survey supporting Enbridge and Kinder "Enron" Morgan pipelines

Premier Christy Clark aerial tour of proposed pipeline route through B.C. last week



Anonymous said...

Great picture..... say's it all.

Guy in Victoria

Unknown said...

I'm still laughing.. but in a weird way, not.
Yes, that's a great picture, just wish it would have taken the plane down and she could have visited the pristine (soon to not be) wilderness in all its glory before being bulldozed, fracked, padded, pumped, piped, and then ultimately spilled on.
I'm sure the locals would be more than happy to thank Ms.Clark for all her.. ahem, efforts at an honest and reality/science based report on the REAL outcomes of the "proposed" (already being built?) pipeline(s).