Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Manhattan Experiment, a proven formula using Taxicab/Helicopter/Airplane geometry technology to find Premier Christy Clark, in person.

With apologies to Wikipedia and Kim Rossmo.
Manhattan distance/length
Christy Clark's homes are off-limits to the Public, whether it's the May 2013's official Premier's residence or her "home town" of Kelowna, or her old town, the Sick Culture of Victoria, or vacation land outside of British Columbia.  Hockey practice drops offs and pick-ups, is another home in Vancouver.......

Her Offices are many, Her travels varied, but through it all there is a glimmer of hope that the Public's determination that "Not only must the Premier be Heard in person; she must also be Seen to prove that she does exists."  Where's her SoapBox at Howe and Nelson so that the Public can find out what her thoughts are on Burns Lake burning or the appeal of Appealing the BCTF decisions.

All that the Public gets are Press releases, counted in Spin-Doctoring minutes made by BC Newsroom in no particular odor order.
Results 11 - 20 of about 226 found for January 2014 Christy Clark
... where they live in BC read more Education Families Government Operations Friday, January 31, 2014 9:00 AM Premier Christy Clark's statement in ... - 77k
... read more Families Health Monday, January 20, 2014 11:00 AM Premier's statement on the death of Tim Jones Premier Christy Clark has issued ...
Newsroom Site: /sectors/families/more-news.html - 77k
... where they live in BC read more Education Families Government Operations Friday, January 31, 2014 9:00 AM Premier Christy Clark's statement in ... - 184k
... Premier Christy Clark has issued the following statement in celebration of Lunar New Year read more Multiculturalism Friday, January 31, 2014 8 ...
Newsroom Site: /more-news.html - 71k
... read more Multiculturalism Thursday, January 9, 2014 10:30 ... and its natural gas potential are the talk of Asia as Premier Christy Clark's 2013 Jobs ...

Is the BC Newsroom even in Canada?  Are the desks manned by Public Relation Firms, in Canada, in British Columbia?

To discover where Premier Clark's is, the following formula determines her  REAL centre of operations, not where she lives, works, plays or waits in a secure environment waiting for the whistle to sound at 7:30am.
Imagine an LNG like map with an overlaying grid of little squares named sectors. If this map is a raster image file on a computer, these sectors are pixels. A sector S_{i,j} is the square on row i and column j, located at coordinates (Xi,Yj). The following function gives the probability p_{i,j} of the position of a serial politician residing within a specific sector (or point) (X_{i},Y_{j}):[3]

\phi_{ij} =
1, & \mathrm{\quad if\;} ( \mid X_i - x_n \mid + \mid Y_j - y_n \mid ) > B \quad \\
0, & \mathrm{\quad else}
Here the summation is over past Press appearances located at coordinates (xn,yn). \phi_{ij} is a characteristic function that returns 0 when a point (X_{i},Y_{j}) is an element of the buffer zone B (the neighborhood of a politician's residence that is swept out by a radius of B from its center). \phi_{ij} allows p to switch between the two terms. If a press release occurs within the buffer zone, then \phi_{ij}=0 and, thus, the first term does not contribute to the overall result. This is a prerogative for defining the first term of Office in the case when the distance between a point (or pixel) becomes equal to zero. When \phi_{ij} = 1, the 1st term is used to calculate p_{i,j}.
\mid X_i - x_n \mid + \mid Y_j - y_n \mid is the Manhattan distance between a point (X_{i},Y_{j}) and the n-th press site (x_{n},y_{n}).

Manhattan distance/length
 We, the Public, follow the Red/Blue/Yellow tolled roads, whereas Christy Clark is above us all, flying, on the Green Line in keeping her GHG carbon credits low.

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