Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fair Incendiary Commentary Reality to North Shore of Vancouver: Natural Gas Leak!!!!

Something is rotten in Den......... District of North Vancouver


ERCO Worlwide

It must be typical, not wanting to phone 911 because of the smell of rotten eggs around your house.  Fortis gas Meters do bleed, not huge amounts, it's a balancing act.    This morning, Canada Hockey Team wins Olympic GOLD, and .... , Snowing heavily, shoveling snow, and there's this smell permeating the neighbourhood.

Called Fortis line, and was put on "HOLD"

"We are busy with other calls, HOLD"

Hung up, and took the Fortis Website at their word of HOLD, if they were not available, WE dialed 911.

Had misgivings after one ring; thought about it again and re-dialed 911.  IMMEDIATE pick-up, transferred to CNV Fire Department:  "ADDRESS PLEASE" within five minutes, or less, the information came back that there was a leak, the other side, east of, the Second Narrows Bridge.

RCMP phoned back about the "Dropped Call", the One Ring.  They had to send out their Officer.

RCMP Officer was very pleasant.   and before she made it back to her car she was being corralled by other neighbours about the smell of Rotten Eggs around their HOUSE.

8 kilometer Rotten-Egg-Smell Radius
Earlier this year the RCMP were calling the North Shore residents via an AMBER ALERT asking that we keep an eye out for a Senior who had walked away from a Nursing Home.

The RCMP today said that they would be out all night because the SMELL would linger.

 There goes their Budget.  Lots of overtime.

Why not an AMBER ALERT?


The Natural Gas Leak today was NOT included with our Post of Fair Incendiary Comment

Chlorine Plant next door.......

GREEN line to Hell
PS:   Is this smell, the same smell that is being VENTED, intentionally, in Christy Clark's Field of Dreams to generate  ONE TRILLION dollars to balance her Deficit?

Property Lines, so important, keeps thin skin rail tankers a stone's throw away from Natural Gas supplier.... for the Storage of Chlorine.  Sure wouldn't want to be the Rescue crew going into that area.


scotty on denman said...

Chlorine: bad-ass shit. They say there are two tanks full of the stuff on the bottom of the Salish Sea, just south of Texada Island---fell off a barge decades ago. So the urban myth (?) was that the stuff could leak out, become a gas, thence condensing water vapour out of the air into chlorine fog that would cover the entire Georgia Basin (the old name for the Salish Sea---but I've never heard it called the "Salish Basin") some hundred feet deep and, as a sort of rhetorical aside, kill everyone who breaths a whiff of it. Like, that's a lot of people living around the Georgia Basin: Vancouver and Nanaimo, to slander a few. Now, after decades of saltwater corrosion, we've been assured that at hundreds of fathoms the stuff remains liquid and, if it ever did leak out, it would remain safely in a puddle on the bottom. Hmmm...recalling the high school chemistry I never took :) Chlorine is, next to Florine, the most reactive element---I don't think it would be satisfied with a quiet, watery grave---but what do I know?...I'm still seeing rainbows on everything.

Jeez, if we were to apply the same credibility as pipeline companies have earned for themselves, I think I'd still be nervous about that ticking chlorine bomb on the bottom of the Salish Sea.

Anonymous said...


e.a.f. said...

there won't be any rescue crews going in there at all. if they aren't dead, they soon will be and the people on the north shore, well, they are expendable. its the profits which count. don't expect anyone to be able to do much about it once oil can stevie has signed all those free trade agreements. once they are signed, we won't be able to sue many of the foreign corporations, they'll only be able to sue us, if we try to stop any of it.

the people on the north shore might want to thing about all of it. but hey, they voted for them