Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ten Billion dollars in Debt in ONE year and still the majority of British Columbians voted for Christy: Graphs

The worst is yet to come.   BC Energy Minister, Core Reviewer, Bill Bennett has not given British Columbians the true goods on our future debt because he and his lying cohorts continue to use creative bookkeeping to stage Balance Budgets, which they aren't.

The 2013 silent ballot box majority are IDIOTS!  Have been IDIOTS for the past twelve years.  Idiots because they failed to seek out this graph on our Blog on September 12, 2012

The graphs?  They only tell half of the problem.   It's the numbers, bottom line, bottom of this page, that shows the data behind the graphs.  A Ten Billion Debt over ONE YEAR.

March 2006    $27,652.0
Six years ... 2006 to 2012 ...Nine Billion

March 31, 2012   $36,317.9
In one year   2012 to 2013  Ten Billion

On October 18, 2013 this was released:
 September 30, 2013  $46,881.3
The file is overwritten every year - no smoking gun, unless it's saved off-site
All Years Index 
Bill Bennett is painting a rosy picture, well not this morning with his announcement regarding BC Hydro's financial needs.  Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say that BC Liberals have been putting BC Hydro into a greater deficit position so that the BC Liberals Budgets would appear to be Balanced.   The only thing wrong with their budgetary skills is that the Election Plank they've been using is warped, not straight up flat, not a level playing field.  Sagging at both ends, to the point of breaking.

Tax cuts + ensuing loss of revenue = a deliberate financial crisis…and a reason to introduce the P3 method of building  - Laila Yuile  November 2010

Bill Bennett isn't even the Finance Minister, who doesn't have the b...., the wherewithal, to explain   to the public the extra Ten Billion Dollars Debt Load that's been placed on ourselves, our children, their children.  The BC Liberals's Gordon Campbell came up with see-saw-swing-vote-saw that if the BC NDP were elected in 2005 they would ensure that our children's children would be debt.  In 2013 Christy used the big bad wolf scenario of how bad the BC NDP would be, and they converted it into a WIN.

March 2006  $27,652.0 Billion
March 2012   $36,317.9 Billion
September 2013  $46,881.3 Billion

Recall anyone? 

Bait and Switch Branch: Revolving, not Evolving, File name to hide the constant changes for each year

 British Columbia provincial net debt maturities and schedule of maturities projected to 2050. The province manages it debt maturity so that there is typically no more than $5 Billion maturing in any given year. Data current to December 31, 2012


Anonymous said...

Quit reminding me that the majority of voters in BC are idiots.
There is a test for everything these days but not one if you are bright enough to vote.
Guess it would be lonely in the ballot line up for us few.

North Van's Grumps said...

lonely at the ballot line up.... not for Christy who prefers to set an example by writing her own name in one for her cohort who lost the election by one vote, christy's.

The press were there to record the moment of a TRUE idiot.... who violated her vote by not keeping it out of sight of others.

Elections BC does keep a count on spoiled ballots. Should be easy to check out her ballot ($$$$ to collectors). Using Christy as an example of the "benefits" of being provided with Blank Ballots... did the experiment work or failed because of too many errors.

Grant G said...

Not to worry, LNG revenue will make it all better...

eer, maybe not

North Van's Grumps said...

Kind of like putting the cart before the donkey. Spending the money knowing in advance that the cupboards are bare..... all that was needed was a Quick Win.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a solution to the problem?

Anonymous said...

"Quit reminding me that the majority of voters in BC are idiots.
There is a test for everything these days but not one if you are bright enough to vote.
Guess it would be lonely in the ballot line up for us few."

Ah yes, wonderful to see the political discourse being raised to such lofty heights by one of the few who is self-proclaimed to be bright enough to vote.

No chance that anyone who didn't vote the way you liked had any intelligence or had very legitimate reasons why they chose what they felt was the lesser of two evils. No, anyone with different political beliefs than you is an idiot; your open-mindedness will go a long way to improving things.