Saturday, May 18, 2013

A BC Hydro Smart Meter that smiles upon IPPs

Independent Power Producers have something to Smile about because they get to use a Net Metering system........ oh, and they have a signed agreement enforced by the BC Liberals upon BC Hydro which means that the company is locked into a higher, highest cost factor, to a tune of $500 million in 2011/2012 because of the IPPs.

Ad Analog promoting IPP

Advertising for the Net Metering system was done through large, lucrative contracts which made the Analog Meter appear to be smiling.   However in a real Analog Meter, there are no teeth, except for the BC Liberals and BC Hydro putting the bite on our pockets.   Which is all sort of strange, because from the document that the smiling image was lifted from Energy Minister Rich Coleman said otherwise. 

Here's what Premier Gordon Campbell, Premier  had to say on February 27, 2007.   Page 4 of 44.
Just as the Government's (WAC Social Credit Party of BC) Energy vision of 40 years ago led to massive benefits for our Province, so will our decisions today.   The BC Energy Plan will ensure a secure, reliable and affordable energy supply for all British Columbians for years to come.  

Over at Northern Insight, Norm Farrell has done excellent reporting, referencing, ...... keepsakes, for future generations to show just WHEN BC Hydro became so skewed that "the benefits" were re-directed to BC Liberal Party insiders.

"Overall, according to Hydro's 2011-12 annual report, IPPs earned $676 million from Hydro in the 12-month period ending March 31..."

Had BC Hydro purchased that same quantity of power at recent spot prices, the savings to BC power consumers would have been as much as $500 million.  - Norm Farrell

A real Analog meter, No Happy Face

The BC Energy Plan puts British Columbia at the forefront of environmental and economic leadership. This plan looks to all forms of clean, alternative energy in meeting British Columbians’ needs in the provincial economy.  -  Rich Coleman

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the green machine said...

found our recently shut your breaker off at your home like i did b.c. hydro still charges you for smart meter what a scam use nothing you still pay b.c. hydro were in life can i do this to people and get away with it we could make millions and not give anyone anything???? wake up people its summer if everyone shuts off there main breakers for as many days as they can we can bring b.c. hydro to its knees but we need to pass this on and do it and thats how we stay in charge of being used or just keep taking it its your choice???