Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Note to Ottawa RCMP: Fast Cat Ferry "Bathrooms" are called Heads or Loo....

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 Had a visitor, from Ottawa, the RCMP, must have been important, for their Search Criteria involved trolling for toilet habits on the long gone Fast Cat Ferries.

Perhaps their line of inquiry in Ottawa had exhausted all avenues, having looked under every Heated Seat, for waste, in the Senate, to only discover that One or Two had contributed directly to our beleaguered Prime Minister, Stephen Harper's poor image with the Public.   Senator Duffy and Brazeau, like Minister "Orange Juice Oda", were hand picked by the PMO.

Duffy was a Journalist-appointee-Senator, supposedly representing  Prince Edward Island-ites  (PEI).  If only his two failings weren't real.  He could have walked away without ending up looking like a Pat Bell or Kevin Krueger, both fine examples of being trained seals for the Premier(s), having fine-tuned their performances as unmitigated morons and/or as unmitigated disasters with very little training.

The Gazetteer spells it out of Two Made in BC examples of the two phrases.

As to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
IP Address:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( 
Search Referral:
Visit Page:

Maybe Canada's finest fellows, the RCMP, were looking at reopening the sale of the Fast Cats along with BC Rail in preparation for a New Government inquiry.

BC Rail fiasco is close at hand, whereas the Fast Cat Ferry Bathrooms (Heads or Loos) Investigations are on the other side of the world.... just begging the RCMP to make a quick trip, a free trip, to the bathrooms, which is a steal of a deal...... which should be vigorously investigated by the Government(s) Office of Privacy and Personal Information.

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