Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Photo (Black Art) Ops for Christy and Ken who went to China for four days..

 Here's the camera that was used in the photography of the September 2012 Trade Mission to China.

Ken doesn't show up in any photos, so one could guess that he was the Photographer, in each instance.

Or Ken wasn't anywhere near a camera

Or Ken was in the Hotel, for four days

Or  Ken flew back within one day because Christy was finished "having a number of talks" with  him

Or  .....................................................

This BC Government GCPE aka PAB link is for September 9, 2012, definitely in China.... No Ken to be seen.

Calendar of events for September 4th to September 26th
    Photo Ops from around the Globe

Calendar of events of Christy Clark's visit to China after the "incident" in Victoria... for Ken

September 8th

September 9th

September 10th

September 11th

No photos available for September 1st, 2nd and the 3rd     Labour Day Statutory Holiday

Zoweee!   A Flickr map of the locations where all of the BC Government Photo (Black Art) Ops took place for the month of September 2012

Zoweee!   Another Flickr map of the locations in CHINA where all the locations of photos were taken on September 11th 2012

September 10, 2012  Photo MAP only for Metro Vancouver, no Christy, no Ken

September 8th and 9th no Photo Map at all

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Anonymous said...

Where's Kendo? Can anyone find him on this trip? Opinion? He's not there. Tricky.