Tuesday, July 31, 2012

As the MLA's make up their minds on whether to run or not in 2013, they just don't get it...

BC Speaker of the House, William (Bill) Barisoff, has more than one priority to get straight before he takes the plunge in 2013.

We read an article in the Globe and Mail this morning, written by Ian Bailey, and we're still shaking our collective heads twelve hours later.

“I’m going to be making my announcement before the end of the month. This has been planned for some time. It has no bearing on what’s happened in the last three days or four days,” he said in an interview. “I must tell my executive first and the party what’s happening. I won’t give you any answer either way.”

The MLA for Penticton (BC) says that his task  to run again "has been planned for some time", he goes on to further say that “I must tell my executive first and the party what’s happening."

Tell us again William, how many are on YOUR Executive of the BC Liberal Riding of Penticton?   How many BC Liberals are there still in the Party who reside in the Riding of Penticton?  Oh, but wait, once you've won the election, in 2009, party politics are put aside and you represent all voters in your Riding.

Sure sounds like the MLA for Penticton has totally shunned his responsibilities of being accountable to the Voters of the Riding of Penticton, first.

He could just cut to the chase and make one announcement, instead of cherry picking his way through the waiting crowd back in Penticton.


To quote our illustrious Premier from her Swearing-in on March 14, 2011, Christy Clark promised, and its damned difficult to select just one phrase, one sentence, from this one paragraph quote of many.

Dear Christy, we've been told by your GCPE people that you can't read real fast, so they suggested that we should write to you         real                          ~ S   L   O  W ~  

Remember    when    You     said:

" ......There will be lots more steps coming - steps that will engage citizens and decision-making as never before. We will listen and in exchange I will ask British Columbians to get involved - to make yourselves heard and to give us your best ideas. Our government will be open to the people of British Columbia. We will talk about our problems; we will set our priorities openly; and we will work with citizens to find solutions. And we will explain why we make the decisions that we do. You may not always agree with us and all the decisions that we make, but to the greatest degree possible, you won’t be surprised at the course that we take, and you will know for certain why we’ve chosen it........" -Page 2 of 2
We've got news for you Christy, we are surprised by your sudden sell off of the  Liquor Distribution Branch.

We are even more surprised by your government saying diddly squat on the topic of Enbridge while the Legislature House was in session, when you had a chance to stand up and explain your position on the Environment with all the cameras hanging onto every word of explanation... but Zip, nothing.

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e.a.f. said...

not to mention the little matter of all that money which isn't accounted for. check Laille Yuille's blog for the details on that little matter.