Saturday, May 5, 2012

BC RailBeds RAPED for a Nominal amount over 990 Years to CN Railway

(Nominal amounts)

 Amounts of money that are valued according to the price levels that exist in the years that the amounts are received.

The BC Liberals have always said that WE own the railbeds that CN Railway is rolling their rail cars over, but you'd think that the Grand Schemer (Gordon Muir Campbell) of all things, would have boosted the level of return on our tracks to something more substantial, maybe something equivalent to the price of car, or a fifth wheel rig, going across the NEW Port Mann Bridge.

The Port Mann will have a toll on it for the Next 35 Years.

Our BC Railway Beds ..... Zero for the next 990 years.  Not one penny....oops, the Feds made sure of that yesterday....  Not Three dollars, not even One dollar per railcar.

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Anonymous said...

There was a question about taxes on the BC Rail sale that lingered for years waiting for a Revenue Canada decision. The issue could have cost the BC taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars.

The exact tax question escapes me, and I have no idea how it was resolved.

Is this ringing any bells?