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"BC is not For Sale" - Bill Bennett OBC recipient. Gordon Campbell OBC, sold BC and then got out of Dodge

 The B.N.A. Act, Section 109, states in part: "all lands, mines, minerals, and royalties belonging to the several provinces of Canada . . and all the sums then due or payable for such lands, mines, minerals or royalties, shall belong to the several provinces . . . in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any trusts existing in respect thereof, and to any interest other than that of the province of the same.-
This has been interpreted for more than a century as stating that those people who choose to live in a province of our country shall have perpetual ownership and control of all of the province's natural resources. This division of powers has worked well and has benefited all our provinces, as well as our nation, for more than a century.  Premier Bill Bennett   Thursday, December 4, 1980  BC Legislature
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"those people who choose to live in a province of our country shall have perpetual ownership and control of all of the province's natural resources."


China, Foreign Ownership & B.C. Resources
Don Whitely  July 1, 2011
Former B.C. Premier Bill Bennett said in 1979 that B.C. was not for sale. He made that famous declaration in reaction to news that Canadian Pacific Investments Ltd., the Montreal-based subsidiary of the railway company, was seeking to increase its already large ownership position to a controlling interest in MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., the province’s number one forest products company.

That was too much for Bennett. At the time, CP was already a major player in the province and gaining control of MacMillan Bloedel would make it by far the biggest, with headquarters in Central Canada. Bennett vetoed the deal using the provisions of the B.C. Forest Act, which required government approval for any transfer of forest leases from one corporation to another.

“We’re clarifying government policy in declaring there is a point at which a company can be too large in a certain area,” Bennett told the legislature on June 25, 1979. “That’s the policy of this party and this government . . . that is public policy from the premier of the province of British Columbia.”

Fast forward a couple of decades and many would argue that the province is not only for sale, but large pieces have been sold – and this time with government acquiescence, if not approval. Consider the following  snip:
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A Province for Sale?

......... Twenty-five years after B.C.'s then premier announced the province was not for sale, the current government not only encourages sales of Crown corporation assets, it seeks advice from foreign corporations and is willing to award major contracts to non-Canadian businesses. Snip    By Claudia Cornwall, 14 Jan 2005,

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and then came, rotten, corrupt and evil Campbell. Thieving and selling our assets and resources. Scum like Campbell, thinks nothing of thieving from BC and the people. Harper and his friends, made an utter fortune from Campbell's thefts. What happened to the priceless real estate, that went with the BCR? Who pocketed that money?

Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. Campbell totally betrayed the BC citizens by working for and aiding Harper with his dirty tactics, to dismantle BC.

Campbell, Hansen and Harper plotted the BC HST, before their BC election lie Hansen caught in a lie, finally had to admit, the HST radar papers were on his desk, long before the BC election. We can throw in the lie, of the small provincial deficit.

Campbell the coward, did not dare to come and accept his OBC. He knew he did not deserve the award. He knew there would be a welcome committee to greet him.

Harper gave his best henchman the reward of, the High Commissioner to England. Campbell had to get out of BC because, of his corruption and thieving. Harper knew that. I wonder where they can send Harper, for his dastardly deeds?

Every scrap of information on, Campbell and Harper, is sent to England. Even Campbell's drunk mug shot was sent.