Friday, June 12, 2020

If she walks, Huawei's Meng may be scooped up by the United States Air Marshalls

Looking back at Bob Makin's Breaking News: "Huawei's Meng smiled for the cameras ...." I realized that President Donald J. Trump has an ace up his sleeve.  Basically, it doesn't matter how long she stays in Canada while trying to gain her freedom through our Courts, because eventually, she'll walk, straight to the airport.  

But there will be a surprise waiting for her as the plane lifts off of YVR tarmac.

Do you remember the story of the United Nations leader Clayton Roueche, who was on a direct flight from Mexico to Canada and his plane made an unexpected stop in Texas?  He was arrested and whisked away to Seattle to face charges of distributing cocaine.


The flight patterns and the distribution of aircraft over the Lower Mainland is dependent on which runway is active.

Sure is a lot flights crossing over the border

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