Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Depressing!!!! With gas prices oh so low; and tankers sitting off shore, where is Tidy Tanks in our backyards

Too bad our car gas tank only gets us 425 Kilometres, but there is a way to save for the future.


Off shore tankers sitting idle, no room for storage on land, no room at gas stations...

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And all we need is a Tidy Tank to tide us over for ......... a year

But without jobs, for the foreseeable, why bother......... but, but.....

Would this be considered something akin to purchasing 'three truckloads of toilet paper", and not for personal use?

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e.a.f. said...

sure made me a laugh. the problem with all that toilet paper and gas, one match the fire dept. is going to busy.

Once the worst of the pandemic is over and people start to rtw, we may find many families revert to one vehicle because only one person in the family is working. there maybe a glut of oil/gas on the market for some time. whether it lowers the price at the pump is going to be another matter.