Thursday, March 5, 2020

Real time data Coronavirus COVID- Global Cases by John Hopkins CSSE Updated

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A helpful FAQ on Covid 19

1. Am I going to die?
Yes, unfortunately everyone dies.
2. No, I mean am I going to die of Covid 19?
Oh right, that! Probably not. Most people who get it have fairly minor symptoms. Though by minor, I mean not life threatening, not necessarily pleasant to experience. Current estimates are that 80% of cases are minor, 20% require some kind of medical intervention, and somewhere between .7% and 5% may die or get close enough to see that bright light coming for them.

When I get back, I wash my hands.

32. Where do I find good and reliable information that’s less sarcastic than this FAQ?

The World Health Organization has an information site for this novel coronavirus, Johns Hopkins University is also running a great and informative site …as well as an indispensable dashboard for tracking how the virus is progressing. Worldometers (Worldometer is owned by a company called Dadax) is a very good aggregator with a nice coronavirus section. Also look for information localized to where you are. Hopefully, the folks running local administrations are the people who know best.

 Did I mention you should wash your hands?

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