Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Father's Day Fundraiser event: Tagged rocks and trees on Capilano River's Pacific Trail

Was it an 'overzealous' volunteer taking for granted that it was okay to use a carcinogenic material, not just on the gravel, but immovable objects too?

This Stump holds the Trail from slipping over the edge. Why use an arrow?
Take One Rock and Paint begone, so too the stump, 2019-07-01

Volunteer organizations and their sponsors using Capilano River Regional Park for running events should take the time to educate their supporters on the importance to  LEAVE NO TRACE, especially the notorious graffiti.

BC Cancer fundraiser on Father's Day was divided into three legs.

First Leg was from Ambleside to just south of the  Upper Levels Highway on the Capilano River;

Second Leg up to the top of Cleveland Dam   GRAFFITI

Third Leg Cleveland Dam to the Peak

Seek the Peak   BC Cancer  Fundraiser
VPG Realty

Its unbelievable that no official for the group did a walk, a run, through the trails afterwards to ensure everything was cleaned up.
Given time the arrow in gravel will be scuffed away by boots


Neither scuffing nor rain will remove this from a rock

This live root had no need to be marked

Visitors to the park can't turn right, south, to Ambleside?


For the amount of volunteers involved in these events there is absolutely no need to spray paint on any of the trails nor do it the MEC way of stapling their maps to the Park directional Posts.  All that organizers have to do is plant a person at the turning points for three hours to cheer the runners on.


The time has come that these groups not be permitted to post signs.  That responsibility should be left to the professionals, the park rangers.

2019-06-27  Raining All Day and the Paint Remains

2019-07-06 Red Arrows Gone

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