Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Clerk Craig James $5,000 magazine subscriptions? Over half are available at his BC Legislature Library

While House Speaker Plecas was shining a bright light on excessive & expensive purchases on junkets & trinkets by the Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms, he highlighted numerous subscriptions that Craig James was 'purchasing' for personal use, on the public's tab, twice.

the Breaker News:  Bob Mackin:
James bought numerous subscriptions totaling over $5,000, including a monthly Apple Music plan,    yearly iCloud storage plan,    Bicycling magazine,    Arizona Highways magazine,    Palm Springs Life magazine,    Sunset magazine,    Wired,    Flightradar24,     History Today,    India Today,    The Economist,    New Scientist, Electric Bike Action magazine,    the Times of London,    Marine Traffic – Ship Tracking,   Popular Mechanics, and    Forbes.

“In one month alone, Mr. James claimed $720.47 in digital subscriptions.  ..............
Why wasn't Clerk Craig James using his in-House resources down the hall where his "Director of the Legislative Library" could say:


"Which subscriptions Mister Clerk?"  "How often?"   First to Read pristine copy!?  "Unlimited borrowing time, not like the regular-for-everyone-else-of-Six weeks, nor the MLA's Six Months?"  "No penalties if late."

Why did James buy FIFTEEN (15) subscriptions when EIGHT (8) were in the Legislative Library?

On the Shelf        Bicycling magazine

Arizona Highways magazine,

Palm Springs Life magazine,  

On the Shelf        Sunset magazine

On the Shelf        Wired


History Today,
On the Shelf        India Today

On the Shelf       The Economist

On the Shelf       New Scientist

Electric Bike Action magazine,

Times of London,

Marine Traffic – Ship Tracking,

On the Shelf        Popular Mechanics

On the Shelf        Forbes

Part One Done

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