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BC Speaker Linda Reid: 'the fault be imputed to me' and not her two Lieutenant-Governors

BC Liberal 'SpeakerGate' is open for business.

The public has heard from almost everyone, politically, but not a word has been uttered from the three Lieutenant Governors on the present state of affairs in Victoria.   When the BC Liberals 'anointed' appointed Craig James as Clerk of the House they did so without the required 100% support of the MLAs.  Not one opposition Members of the Legislative Assembly had a vote to display their disagreement with the BC Liberals choice while the supposedly independent Speaker sat deaf, dumb and blind.

Hon. Steven L. Point Lt.-Governor (2007 - 2012);  Speaker Bill Barisoff & Speaker Linda Reid:
Hon. J. Guichon        Lt.-Governor(2012 - 2018);  Speaker Linda Reid & Speaker Darryl Plecas
Hon. Janet Austin     Lt.-Governor (2018-2019).  Speaker Daryl Plecas

There's a set speech that each and every Speaker must say when the Lt.-Governor is present in the Legislature.  Past Speakers, Barisoff and Reid, continue to be mute, not available for comment, while the corruption of our democracy by the BC Liberals took place under their collective, corruption watch.

eg   Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Madame Speaker (Linda Reid): Hon. Members, Her Honour the Lieutenant-Governor is in the precinct. Please remain seated while we await her arrival.
(Her Honour the Lt.-Governor requested to attend the House, was admitted to the chamber and took her seat on the throne.)

Madame Speaker (Linda Reid): May it please Your Honour, the House of Assembly has elected me as their Speaker, though I am but little able to fulfill the important duties thus assigned to me. If, in the performance of these duties, I should at any time fall into error, I pray that the fault be imputed to me and not to the assembly whose servant I am and who, through me, the better to enable them to discharge their duty to the Queen and country, humbly claim all their undoubted rights and privileges, especially that they may have freedom of speech in their debates, access to Your Honour's person at all seasonable times and that their proceedings may receive from Your Honour the most favourable interpretation.

Hon. S. Anton (BC Liberal AG): Madame Speaker, I am commanded by Her Honour the Lt.-Governor to declare to you that she freely confides in the duty and attachment of the House of Assembly to Her Majesty's person and government, and not doubting that their respective proceedings will be conducted with wisdom, temper and prudence, she grants, and upon all occasions will recognize and allow, their constitutional privileges.

I am commanded also to assure you that the assembly shall have ready access to Her Honour the Lt.-Governor upon all seasonable occasions and that their proceedings, as well as your words and actions, will constantly receive from her the most favourable construction.
Upcoming Speech from the Throne will be read out by the Lt. Governor on February 12, 2019

Hypothetically .....
Hon. Janet Austin (Lieutenant-Governor): My Fellow British Columbians ,.....................I am pleased with the Current Speaker who is doing a wonderful job of cleaning the House, top to bottom.  As to his predecessors mismanagement of their staff ..... and the public's squandered monies ...


Penticton Western New
Joe Fries
..... Barisoff allowed that the auditor general’s report caused “a little bit of an embarrassment, but sometimes those kinds of things make the whole program better in the end.” The legislative management committee was scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the report and build a plan to expedite its response to Doyle’s concerns. On Monday, B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins called for Barisoff, a Liberal, to resign because the Speaker “failed to safeguard public monies.” “Not only has he failed to implement recommendations to improve accountability that were made by the auditor general five years ago, he has exhibited a lackadaisical — almost negligent — attitude towards the use or misuse of taxpayers’ funds,” Cummins said in a press release.

July 31, 2012

In regard to the bottom of two reports from Reporter Joe Fries in the above image .... the link
The lion’s share of BCLC’s net income, $696.3 million, was transferred to the provincial government’s coffers as general revenue.

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