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Warren Kinsella: "That's my considered diplomatic advice, on politicians: "Kick Trump in the Nuts" and if Hillary had won .... Groping

Apparently Warren Kinsella has some very strong advice on how the public, not he, should handle the President of the United States of America:
 Kick Trump in the NUTS.  That’s my considered diplomatic advice. From next week’s Hill Times column
On the other hand, ..... one can only guess what Kinsella's advice would be to the public on how to handle a 'President Hillary Clinton' if she were to implement similar undiplomatic strategies against Canada.

Would we find him still groping for the right phrase?



The Creston Valley Advance's Editorial 'Open eyes' from August 2000 on Justin Trudeau's alleged  behaviour 18 years ago was used by Kinsella to make a point: Guilty.  Too bad, or perhaps we should say,  we're glad Kinsella didn't crop out the Letter to the Editor to the right of 'Open eyes' because it brings out the newspaper's inability to get the facts straight 'Once again'.  How many other times is not known.
The Letter to Creston Valley Advance:
Don't forget Wayne Louie when talki......
To the Editor:

Once again the Creston Valley Advance's inaccurate reporting of historical events would contribute to a distortion of reality.

In your Aug. 8 edition, the article 'Growth pleases former chief', it is stated that Chris Luke served as chief from 1970 to 1992, "when he relinquished the job to his son, Chad...."

Following Chris Luke's first period as chief of the Lower Kootenay Indian Band, Wayne Louie served as chief, prior to Chad Luke's term as chief --- information which was deleted and misrepresented in the above named article.

Having worked for and with Mr. Louie during this time period it would be a discredit to both Mr. Louie and his contributions to his people to allow this error to go without correction.

During Mr. Louie's term as chief of the Lower Kootenay Indian Band his contributions spanned from the development and expansion of a guide-outfitting territory to expansion of housing for his people to acccom-....


According to the Vancouver Sun's edition, Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, pages NP1 and NP2:
...... While the editorial (Creston Valley Advance) suggests the allegation dates from Aug. 3 and the apology from Aug. 4, the actual dates of the festival were the weekend of Aug. 5-6.  Tanya Oliva, the festival's PR manager at the time, told the Post it was her recollection that Trudeau arrived in Creston on Aug. 5.  The Post has not been able to reconcile the discrepancy.

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