Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Walking is good enough for me. Why drive to Rona for that trinket when ....?

Normally I could write a Post within a day or two but since the BC Provincial election last year there's only one political scene that is now on the horizon: Municipal elections, but not to the Fall.

There could be a more obvious reason as to why I don't have the 'time', or inclination to write.

I walk ....  not drive to Rona
Almost Waterfront property

I typically leave in the morning around 9, try and make it home by 1:30 (in the afternoon), sometimes it stretches out to two thirty.

I start out from Tempe (Upper Levels Highway and Lonsdale) with the one goal that every trip will take me through Edgemont Village's Delany's Coffee House once a day so that I can put my feet up, read, drink, talk for a minute listen for twenty.

A week ago walk on Wednesday (days of the week are coloured coded).   From Waterfront station, making one lap around Alexander and Main Street, back to Waterfront.  Second lap to Main, stopped for breakfast at Deacon's Corner and then headed off to the GasTown's fake Steam Clock to Stanley Park, over the Lions Gate Bridge, up to Edgemont Village and then 3 kilometres uphill to Tempe.    Total  13 Km   (two hours from Steam Clock to Edgemont)

June 1 to 13
This Monday it was the yearly gig to Vancouver General Hospital for the Pulmonary test.    Started the kilo-meter at Broadway and Cambie to VGH over the Granville Street Bridge over to Georgia and Denman through Stanley Park via Beaver Pond to Lions Gate Bridge to Edgemont Village to Tempe  Total   19.03 Km

Walks May 1 - June 13
To Two Chicagoans
 Judy &  Debbie

 4.53Km    2.81 Miles

A low elevation of 69 Metres aka  226 Feet
A high of 156 Metres aka 511 Feet

Info for your walk in the park today: From Capilano Road to the Fish Hatchery and up to the top of Cleveland Dam and down the west side of Capilano River and pass Grandpa Capilano and back to the hatchery and out to Capilano Road

Capilano Canyon old-growth Fir trees

 Walking from Hollywood North to North Hollywood and back again?

A possibility.

Bed and Breakfast $$$$$$


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