Friday, June 1, 2018

Distracted Development permit: "Exciting Opportunity 625/675 and 777 Pacific Street": 'Colossus of Roads'

Vancouver City planners are just too accommodating for the developers with "Invitation to offer to Lease 625/675 and 777 Pacific Street" by providing a lane name change from Continental to Granville Street of which one already exists just one block to the East.

Yes, its a Graphic artist's Typo in the Vancouver Sun  Page A10    June 1, not April 1


Granville Street (Bridge) needs to provide a grand entrance to the downtown core.

How about the 'Colossus of Roads'?  Sort of looks like Trump at 23, or a Trudeau burning through his Kinder Morgan fossil fuel chips, or our tax dollars, or both.

'Colossus of Rhodes'

Vancouver Courier

Following the unveiling of designs for a 52-storey high-rise at the new “Granville Gateway” on the downtown end of Granville Bridge, the City is seeking interest to redevelop the land currently used by the bridge’s downtown off-ramp loops.

In an “Invitation to Offer to Lease” on the City’s website, the City is marketing both the east and west loop lands for redevelopment, following its decision to demolish those loops.

Just about completed .....

Georgia Straight

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e.a.f. said...

WTF, those off ramps are needed for traffic and for the homeless to live under or wait is it going to be nice condos for families and singles at affordable rents, you know 30% of gross income for all those making under $150K a year, Yes $150K a year, but that is what you need to make to buy anything with a mortgage of $700K.

perhaps one of mayor moonbeam's friends wants the land. follow the money.