Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alberta's development minister Bilous suggestion: BC use the federal jurisdiction of pipelines to ship wine to Albertans

Calgary Herald,        Dean Bennett
Bilous said Alberta won't even come to the table unless B.C. reverses its decision to refuse additional oil from Alberta while it studies spill safety.

"B.C. has really one option, and that is for them to smarten up (and) realize that what they're doing is unconstitutional," said Bilous.

"A province cannot dictate what goes in a pipeline. That is a federal jurisdiction.

"They need to acknowledge that, recognize it and ensure that this pipeline moves forward.

The wine ban, imposed Feb. 6 by Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, affects $70 million worth of wine from B.C. a year — about 17 million bottles."

(Vancouver Sun newspaper delivered to homes the article is intact but not available online ?????)

NEB  -  Interactive Pipeline Map


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Well, 1 ton of grapes results in a little more than two barrels of wine. Each barrel contains about 60 gallons, 25 cases or 300 bottles. So 1 ton of grapes yields about 60 cases or 720 bottles.

 17 million bottles / 300 = 56,666 barrels! of wine

Summer Olympics Trivia
16,000 barrels in a Swimming pool therefore .... 17 million bottles of wine would fill 3.54 swimming pools...

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Within and to the East ... Saskatchewan

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