Thursday, December 7, 2017

Translink Station Escalator Alerts: Incapable of working as stairs?

Mandatory servicing may be a valid reason for what appears as an ever ongoing shut down of the escalators at various Skytrain stations, but why is it that Waterfront Station outage is listed under Sapperton Station?
Does the Sapperton Station even have an escalator, let alone one that is indeed out of service?

At the REAL Waterfront Station there are two escalators going down (northbound) and two escalators going up (southbound) and in yesterdays instance the Southbound Left escalator of two was out for the Mandatory Maintenance without a worker in sight.

There we were backed almost to the vessel we had just departed waiting for access to the one working escalator with the right half of the tread holding those pedestrians that refuse to walk up the steps and those to the left were shuffling, moving upwards under their own energy.

Typically the holding pen for northbound travel has the commuters ready and willing and waiting with a few stragglers seen running for the departure area.  Those of us who just departed the vessel are looking at two EMPTY escalators coming down (northbound) with nary a soul in sight.

Why can't one of the northbound escalators be reversed to travel up, and if not, why can't it be used as a set of stairs?   Appropriate signage at the top should be sufficient of a warning.

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Evil Eye said...

Maybe TransLink can buy new escalators in their new store