Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blitzkrieg Fund Raising BC Liberal Party Leaders portray first BC minority government as 'scheming' Nazi

Having been born in British Columbia in the early 1940's, family gone off to the wars, the atrocities of Adolf Hitler and his henchmen is never far from my memory banks.  There's no need here to produce a photo of Hitler pouring over a map of his Europe with his armies rearranging everything!

accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue.
John Horgan and Andrew Weaver put pen to paper to form the first Minority government in British Columbia, witnessed by Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, and photographed by Chad Hipolito/THE CANADIAN PRESS  for the Globe and Mail and within a month of Christy Clark's resignation Michael de Jong, Michael Lee, Todd Stone, Sam Sullivan, Dianne Watts, and Andrew Wilkinson are vying for the BC Liberal leadership and doing their level best mud raking of each other.

Not to be outdone, the BC Liberal Party headquarter staff on behalf of the membership, photoshop the Chad Hipolito image for their political and monetary fund raising gain.

Are the leadership candidates willing to comment as to whether or not they endorse such a manipulated image to bolster their fortunes at the next election or will they leave that up to the current President of the BC Liberal Party, Sharon White?  Or the next Leader of the Party?

Whats ahead for BC Politics after the NDP Green Party Agreement - Globe and Mail
BC Liberal Party 'Blitzkrieg' Fundraiser to "Protect your voice" adaption

Elections BC Electoral Map



John Horgan and Andrew Weaver are scheming to change BC's electoral system forever.

Their stacked panel on electoral reform is setting the ground work for a system that:

Would mean more power for fringe parties and backroom party bosses.

Dysfunctional unaccountable minority governments.

Less representation for small communities.

SIGN now if you think Horgan and Weaver should stop their plan to transform BC's electoral process to their advantage.


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e.a.f. said...

You know that ad reminds me of the play book used by American Republican operatives in their political wars. Ah, so much for fake stuff. Guess the B.C. Lieberals think if its good enough for Trump and his ilk, its good enough for them. of course they do have a lot in common, in my humble opinion.

Expect to see a lot more of that stuff. the B.C. Lieberals are sending this out on a test run amongst party faithful and if there isn't any blow back, expect to see it in the next provincial election, if not sooner.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

davemj said...

If they are following Trump's idiocy they will without a doubt be flushed down the same bowl, mind you I think they have succeeded in doing it all on there own the way they cheated and lied to the people of B.C.They have so much crap in their baggage Eby will make mincemeat out of them.Lots of stuff under the rocks to be uncovered.