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BC Hydro Site C would generate savings to ratepayers in the range of $650 to $900,000,000 (Typical household) with "Insurance Power"?

Its not clear to us if the number Premier Christy Clark used to sell Site C to her followers makes any sense at all.  They took a hypocritical hypothetical average on the first 50 years of Site C and then theorized that the range would be from $650         to      $900,000,000 in savings which would equate to 6 to 8 % for the typical household.     The larger number benefiting the few for the sole purpose of providing FREE hydro electricity to the LNG producers use, and to mining outfits like Imperial Metals who's Alberta owner coincidentally donated heavily to the BC Liberal Party, would be the beneficiaries leaving ratepayers on the hook to build the well over BUDGET transmission lines to Red Chris mine.
Over the first 50 years of Site C's project life, ratepayers will save an average of $650 to $900 million each year, compared to alternatives - this amounts to average annual savings of approximately six to eight per cent for the typical household.  The project will generate a century of low-cost power, providing enough electricity for about 450,000 homes per year - an eight-per-cent increase in supply to BC Hydro's system in 2024. - News release
As to that 450,000 homes per year being created by Site C...... what about Premier Gordon Campbell's backing of Grouse Mountain Resort's Eye of the Wind..... in 2010 .. Winter Olympics where they promised that the 'amusement park ride' (wheelchair not permitted into the elevator) would have a "capacity of 1.5 megawatts – which Grouse Mountain estimates is enough to power up to 400 homes a year – and is expected to generate up to 25 per cent of the resort's operational electricity needs annually."    BC Hydro congratulates Grouse Mountain Resort on The Eye of the Wind turbine's successful clean energy generation

Grouse Mountain Resort Eye of the Wind
Using simple math    if  one wind turbine can have a capacity that would service 400 homes then Site C's claim that they will be able to service 450,000 homes ... means that with the erection of 1,125 wind turbines ......  why build Site C at all.

Not on the north shore of Metro Vancouver because..... there has never been enough wind at Grouse Mountain that would warrant building a turbine up there on the mountain except for one exception,  The Amusement Park.

 BC Hydro News Archives 2010

December 16, 2014
Office of the Premier Christy Clark:
 Site C to provide more than 100 years of affordable, reliable clean power

 News release

 Backgrounder: Growing demand

 Backgrounder: Site C capital cost estimate

 Backgrounder: comparing the options:

 Backgrounder: about site C: 

 Backgrounder: labour requirements for Site C and LNG:


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Any word on the efficacy of the $1B 'Smart Meter' program?

 2012 Post:
Smart Meter Buzz Words

January 2016 Post:

Acquire additional 'insurance power' by 2026

November 2017 Post (now):  Just what is INSURANCE POWER 27, 2009 - information regarding the energy purchases from other persons the public ...... of “insurance power" beyond the projected increases in demand to minimize the risk ... By 2026, BC Hydro will acquire 3,000 gigawatt hours of.

1,100 Megawatts to power 450,000


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While we're talking about BC Hydro...

Any word on the efficacy of the $1B 'Smart Meter' program?

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At least now we know why the BC Liberals made the law on BC Hydro having to sell for less IPP power. The kicker is there never has been a need for Site C.

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Therefore, after implementing all cost-effective energy conservation opportunities, BC Hydro will acquire sufficient BC based resources (IPP?) by 2016 so that BC Hydro can meet its customers' needs even under critical water conditions. By 2026, BC Hydro will acquire 3,000 gigawatt hours of supply on top of their firm energy requirements (the energy required to meet customer needs under critical water conditions) and capacity resources needed to effectively integrate this enerby in a cost-effective manner.