Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BC Hydro's submission on Site C: Annual Rate Impacts of Termination and Suspension Scenarios

As a British Columbia ratepayer who may be around in five or even later at 17 years, what sort of BC Hydro graph, not GRAFT, would I like to look forward to.

Relax.  Let the rate take its course of 77 years from 2017 to 2094 when my children's children will be my age now and wondering 'what the hell were my parents' parents politicians thinking and who the hell is Christy Clark who wanted to get the damn dam past the point of no return?'

Site C was being built for something called LNG without royalties going to the Province? Site C was being built to reward the IPP?
Page 12

Looking Forward Norman Farrell at Insights has LNG 'benefits' to the Province of British Columbia covered

Costs to Ratepayers:

Five Years

Seventeen Years

Page 15 of 866

Seventy-Seven Years

 Horizon information Portal:   pubdocs/bcdocs2017/ October

Item 3
BC Hydro submission to the British Columbia Utilities Commission inquiry into the Site C Clean Energy Project [electronic resource] / BC Hydro, Power Smart. --    Show details by B.C. Hydro
Vancouver, B.C. : British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, 2017.

URL: Scanned by LLBC;
text searchable: http://www.llbc.leg.bc.ca/public/pubdocs/bcdocs2017_2/681557/doc_90101_f1-1-bch_submission_sitec_public.pdf
Created in August 2017; Modified in October 2017 to BCUC

Triple Bottom Line defined is "an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial."

Google Search Criteria for BC Hydro's Triple Bottom Line promise:
Triple Bottom Line: http://www.bchydro.com:80/about/three_bottom_lines.html 

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Our economic bottom line means making it possible to stay in business forever, by being an efficient, productive and profitable company, and by providing value to our customers and the province.
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