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Not all BC communities are serviced by BC Hydro eg. Kelowna electricity comes from Fortis. BC Hydro head cheese Brad Bennett lives in Kelowna


 Fortis Electricity Drop Box: Castlegar, Creston, Grand Forks, Kelowna, Oliver, Penticton, Princeton, Trail

Why is BC Hydro donating funds to the community of Kelowna when Fortis is their service supplier?

Does BC Hydro donate to the others, or NO?

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BC Liberal safe riding?  Made safer by using the power of BC Liberal Governments Executive Councils run by Premiers Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark as a natural resource?

Made even safer by having the head cheese, Brad Bennett, running BC Hydro when he was never a ratepayer to BC Hydro?

Google Search Criteria: bc hydro donates to Kelowna

Fortis Service Areas
 BC Hydro concurs with Fortis as to who has jurisdiction when it come to electricity:

Schedule 1 – Map of BC Hydro Service Areas

BC Hydro purchases electricity from Independent Power Producers outside of its jurisdiction

This is what started us thinking about how money has been squeezed out of BC Hydro for political gains of the BC Liberal Party.

Why is BC Hydro donating money to anyone?   Is it the billions, or in the millions?

FortisBC buys their electricity from BC Hydro.

Would that be the same electricity that BC Hydro buys from the IPP guys at an outrageous price and then sells it at a loss? Norman Farrell has the answers and its a YES!!!!!


BC Hydro Application for Approval of New PPA with FortisBC

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Executive Summary

BC Hydro currently supplies electricity to FortisBC pursuant to a Power Purchase Agreement dated October 1, 1993 and a the EMBEDDED rates set out in Rate Schedule (RS) 3808.  The 1993 PPA expires on September 30, 2013.

In 2005, BC Hydro and FortisBC began preliminary negotiations for a new power purchase agreement to replace the 1993 PPA upon its expiry.  The Parties re-launched negotiations in 2009, and have reached agreement on a new power purchase agreement dated May 21, 2013 (Just after Christy Clark won her first and last government) and associated agreements to replace the expiring 1993 PPA.

The New PPA does not change the basic parameters of the service BC Hydro has been providing to FortisBC for 20 years under the 1993 PPA.  The New PPA continues to provide for up to 200 MW of capacity and 1,752 GWh/year of associated energy for FortisBC to meet a portion of its load service obligations.

The New PPA and associated agreements modernize the terms and conditions of this service by introducing improvement for current industry practices and current circumstances including the development of the Waneta Expansion (WAX) Project as a new capacity resource available to FortisBC.  The energy price for the service provided under the New PPA will be a two-step price with the first tranche set at an embedded cost price and the second tranche set as a proxy for BC Hydro's LONG-RUN MARGINAL COST aka (LRMC) of new supply.

Footnote:  FortisBC Inc. was first known as West Kootenay Power and Light Company, Limited.  The company subsequently changed its name to West Kootenay Power Ltd., then to UtiliCorp Networks Canada (British Columbia) Ltd., then to Aquila Networks Canada (British Columbia) Ltd. and, finally, to FortisBC Inc.   Irrespective of its actual name at any time, the company is referred to throughout this application as "FortisBC"



Historical info from the WayBack Machine:

Why are BC Hydro ratepayers donating money to anyone?

The Vancouver 2010 Bid

BC Hydro has a history of giving back to BC's communities through various sponsorships and community initiatives. Working together with the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation is just another example of that. Over the last two years, more than 30 Bid work groups have been planning and preparing for every aspect of the games, and BC Hydro will continue to be an integral part of this planning process.
Read more on the 2010 Bid web site.

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Anonymous said...

Fortis and BC Hydro kinda split Kelowna. You really need to get down to street level and look at it block-by-block to get the real picture.

Too bad BC Hydro didn't buy the Kootenay power when it went on the market.

North Van's Grumps said...

Service area

BC Hydro delivers power to about 95 per cent of B.C.’s population. The exceptions are the City of New Westminster and a part of the Okanagan (including Kelowna).