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WAC Bennett: 1958 Centenary; Revenue from Road-Users;

British Columbia document:  Revenue from Road-Users requires the public to know Google is capable of misspelling.  eg.  "Public In QIuiries Act" aka Public Inquiries Act

Google Search criteria: British Columbia Provincial Revenue from Road-users 1957

Columbia, 1948, entitled, "Public In Qluiries Act, " it is ... - BC Laws
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BC Legislative Library Horizon search: Public Inquiries Act  72 titles found


Royal commissions and special commissions appointed by Order in Council with returns relating thereto, 1946-1948. --

West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry??????
    ...... Proceedings at inquiry / West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry. -- by West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry (Canada), Thompson, Andrew R., 1925-, Allwest Reporting Ltd

The report for the hearings May 4, 1977 [v. 1] entitled: Preliminary hearings into the Kitimat Oil Port Inquiry : proceedings at preliminary inquiry.
Added title: v.2-17, 19-20, A public inquiry pursuant to Order-in-Council PC 1977 - 597 dated March 10th, 1977; v.18, 21-30, A public inquiry pursuant to part 1 of the Inquiries Act R.S.C. 1970, C.I-13 into proposed marine terminals and associated oil tanker traffic on the west coast of Canada.
A.R. Thompson, Commissioner.

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West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry (Canada)


British Columbia Motive Fuel License Plates -


An important component of the road user revenues collected by the provincial government were taxes levied on the sale of gasoline.  In 1957, it was estimated that, of all the vehicle related revenue collected, the gas tax accounted for approximately 70.9%.
Policy-makers were concerned, however, that users of diesel were unfairly benefiting from the greater efficiency afforded by this fuel type, estimated to be between 40-65% more miles per gallon than cars or trucks of the same weight using gasoline.  It did not help that diesel-powered trucks were also seen to place an extremely heavy burden of the road system .
In order to ensure that diesel users .......



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requesting you consider an immediate halt to south fraser (Massey Tunnel)
Hydro line repositioning as it was on premise of said tunnel removal.This would save BC 76 million dollars if tunnel to remain instead of 3.5 billion dollar bridge
PS 9 million dollars spent so far.

bottom of page 94 and description on page 102-103