Friday, August 11, 2017

New Order In Council (OIC) 249 - Justices of the Peace; (OIC) 258 - Rescinds Colin Hansen appointment

Number 32

 Full Text PDFs

OIC 247

OIC 248   Appointment of ....

OIC 249
Jade Allnutt
Maha Arnaut
Ola Athans
Janine Balogh
Liza Biggin
Donna Bigras
Lindsay Christian
Harjit Dhinjal
Amanda Ferguson
Kelsey Gray
Deborah Henry
Barry Lai
Danica Raguz
Shelley Stewart
Michelle Thomson
Nurgul Toichubekova
Alisa Tortolano

OIC 250

OIC 251

 OIC 252   By Striking out ...

 OIC 253  Appointment of ....

OIC 254  Appointment of ....

OIC 255  Appointment of ....

OIC 256

OIC 257

 OIC 258   Appointment Rescinded    Colin Hansen and Others

Google Search Criteria:  Clifford William Neufeld, Transportation Investment Corporation
Google Search Criteria:  Anne Marie Stewart, Transportation Investment Corporation
Google Search Criteria: Daniel Patrick Doyle, Transportation Investment Corporation

MO 259  Emergency Program Act

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