Thursday, August 3, 2017

Former BC LNG Advocate Gordon Wilson was hired on as a plumber but spent all his time installing light fixtures? A BC Jobs Plan graduate

 No wonder there are no written reports from Gordon Wilson.

Does Gordon Wilson have two trade tickets: Plumber (Pipefitter) and Electrician? Is he a member of a trade union or is he non-union?   BC Jobs Plan info

Did Premier Christy Clark hire an LNG plumber, or a BC Hydro electrician?
"I wasn't hired to write reports," Wilson said in an interview Tuesday.  "It's a bit like evaluating the work of your plumber by counting the number of light fixtures they put in.  My job was to act as an advocate for B.C. businesses, both First Nations and non-First Nations."

What is a non-First Nation?
Wikipedia:  In Canada, a non-status Indian is a legal term referring to any First Nations individual who for whatever reason is not registered with the federal government, or is not registered to a band which signed a treaty with the Crown.

Is a 'non-First Nation' the same as a 'non-status Indian'?

Is a 'non-First Nation' person everyone else who is neither 'First nation' nor 'non-first nation'?

Or the distinction Gordon Wilson is trying to make is that he advocated for First Nations, with a signed Treaty,  and with First Nations with a non-treaty status aka without a Treaty status?

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