Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting the Premier's Ear: The Concept Paper (For Gordon Campbell / Christy Clark)

If the public has never understood the Legislature, when bringing in new laws, or revamping old ones, then this document is the one to read, especially in light of a new Government.

Item 29  Getting the Premier's ear .....  Volume 44, Number 8   August 2013
Grades 10, 11 or 12 Social Studies, Civic Studies, Social Justice 12, Law 12

Students will select an issue and work through the process of creating a concept paper.

To develop an understanding of the process required to create a legislative bill.  To understand  that the concept paper is merely the first step in a more comprehensive process to develop legislation.  To engage in the process of initiating change.  To understand that legislative gives effect to government policy (a.k.a. decision).

Check out #30 too

It is Leff-tenant, not Loo-tenant

Check List

Plant, Byron King
Budget day traditions in British Columbia / by Byron Plant and Jennifer Bancroft ; Legislative Library of British Columbia. --
[Victoria, B.C.] : Legislative Assembly, [2009]
3 p. ; 29 cm.

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