Friday, June 9, 2017

Premier Christy Clark says pink slips will be handed out if Site C stops. What about the 7,500 pink slips for the mythical LNG workers?

The BC Liberals are brandishing fear mongering to workers on the job losses if Site C is put on hold for a month, or three while the BCUC does their job of reviewing the economics of the dam, .... pales in comparison to the majority of jobs that never materialized with the 2013 election promise of a NEW   .... LNG industry.

News Release
 Backgrounder: labour requirements for Site C and LNG

To establish a new LNG industry, B.C. needs to be competitive, including when it comes to the availability of labour.  BC Hydro has worked closely with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training, training institutions and industry associations to identify Site C labour requirement in relation to the development of the LNG industry to ensure they do not conflict.

The conclusion of this work is that the labour requirements for Site C and LNG are largely different.  While the workforce for Site C will be weighted towards heavy equipment operators to move large volumes of materials, like a mining operation, the LNG industry has a greater reliance on skilled trades.  As a result, the labour requirement for Site C are not expected to interfere with the LNG industry.

The BC Liberals never generated the promised 7,500??? jobs for the LNG industry.

Is that why the push was put on to getting Site C pass the point of no return, no  BCUC review?

   Trades   57%;  Helpers and Labourers  12%; Truck Drivers 8%;  Heavy Duty Operators 27%

Site C:
  Trades  24%;  Helpers and Labourers  25%;  Truck Drivers 2%; Heavy Duty Operators 3%

The only thing that the BC Liberal achieved in the past four years is the hiring of a mythical work force which didn't need to be handed pink slips by Premier Christy Clark on the eve of the 2017 provincial election.


 Site C to provide more than 100 years of affordable, reliable clean power
 News release

Backgrounder: Growing demand    
Backgrounder: Site C capital cost estimate    
Backgrounder: comparing the options:    
Backgrounder: about site C:    
Backgrounder: labour requirements for Site C and LNG:


e.a.f. said...

It would be far cheaper to give everyone working on the dam a year's severance and be done with it.

As to jobs, well I've been spending some time in a hospital visiting a family member and the workers at the dam could be retrained as Doctors, R.N.s., L.P.N.s., and care aids. There is a quite a shortage of all of these people in hospitals, so training them and pay them their current salary would benefit everyone. No impact on their income, we get more health workers, and we save billions on the dam, not to mention the environment does better.

You'd think Christy and the B.C. Lieberals might want to stop Site C. they're going to need the money. An article in the Kelowna Courier is advising the B.C. Hydro pension fund is short $20 BILLION, yes, that is correct the B.C. Hydro Pension fund is short twenty billion dollars. ($20,000,000,000.00) that isn't chicken feed. They might want to put a hold on that 10 lane bridge to nowhere also, because it will cost billions. No wonder Christy doesn't want to turn the government over to the NDP/Green alliance. A short fall in pension funds to the tune of $20 billion is not something which can be slipped under the carpet. (full details at RossK's The Gazetteer)

Anonymous said...

does the sparkle pny mascot get one also.Oh wait 2 weeks to go.