Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Christy Clark uses the word 'NOPE' instead of 'NO'? What is she really saying?

UPDATE: Vaughn Palmer's May 4th rendition of No .. Nope not included in QUOTE

Christy Clark's used 'Nope' to answer direct questions from the Vancouver and Province Editorial Board instead of a flat out No.   What's the difference between “nope” and “no”?


You don't think I'm handsome.
If Christy responds "no" it's because she is disagreeing with the statement - she actually does think the speaker is handsome.

If Christy responds "nope" it's because she agrees with the implication - she really does not think the speaker is handsome.

It's a subtle difference, but one to note.

Vancouver Sun / the Province
Christy Clark had left the door open when pressed by media. “VAT, what do you mean by that?” she asked a reporter. “Oh, do you mean the tax that was recommended by the tax competitiveness commission? We’ve said we’re going to talk about all the things they’ve recommended. But we will not end up anywhere that looks like an HST.”

Clark told the editorial boards she meant to say she’s willing to talk to the business community about other reforms.

“In the past they’ve said we should go back to the HST. Nope. Now they are saying they want to go to a VAT, and I’m saying nope. That doesn’t mean we rule out more tax competitiveness.

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Vaughn Palmer

.... No less surprising is that it took several days of denials and clarifications before Clark and the Liberals mustered a total, unmistakable disavowal.

No to a HST, no to a value added tax,” she told the editorial boards of The Vancouver Sun and Province this week, adding, lest there be any doubt, that neither would a re-elected Liberal government add restaurant meals, haircuts and other services to the base for the provincial sales tax.

Any sales tax reform would be crafted to make the provincial tax regime more competitive with the growing challenge from south of the border, she said. ....


North Van's Grumps said...

The BC Liberal Trolls are alive and kicking, and its definitely not coming from Vicki Huntington's IT guy this time.

Province Of British Columbia (

e. a. f. said...

so its no and nope depending upon how good looking the person the question is coming from sorry to say, its doubtful any one on that editorial board would qualify as "good looking", of course with Christy it might depend upon how much they are paying her and her party. oh, and nope. well usually little kids under 5 say nope and then they graduate to no. conclusion: Christy is still stuck a that 5 year old stage.