Friday, April 21, 2017

The Breaker News: Christy Flippin' Clark and her necklace

The News1130 Thursday debate was supposed to be presented without banners for the provincial parties.  No RAH, RAH distractions in the background but the News1130 forgot about foreground symbolism.

Christy Clark broke those rules of engagement and wore her BC Liberal Party emblem necklace.

  a gold outlined map of British Columbia that bounced around

and around


Bob Mackin: Debate #1: Next time, rent podiums, a stopwatch and a buzzer

Her Binder Full of Talking Points
The biggest distraction? The most-seasoned political veteran actually looked like the least-prepared. Clark came with a thick binder full of talking points that she flipped through and the microphone caught every fwip-fwip-fwip of her pages. The former talkshow host should’ve known better, and so should her cadre of handlers. The sound of russling papers was distracting for the viewer and probably for the other leaders.
By contrast, Weaver had a notebook and Horgan a very small stack of papers. Clark is a career politician who should really know her files better.


Alison said...

The thick binder of talking points is because it's harder to remember lies than facts, even for a seasoned politician.

Joyce said...

I noticed the necklace when I watched online and thought how brazen of her! Not a Crystal pendant or something to match her dress - no a necklace with the map of BC! Also, found the flipping of pages as if she was a new Candidate looking for their talking points - she should know her parties platform inside and out as well as how to defend her points! Think she is on her heels and up against the ropes!!!

Anonymous said...

May have to give it back on the 9th