Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Who's benefit is served by moving advertising for MLA Yamamoto from Left to Centre

Southbound from Lonsdale Quay via the SeaBus terminal has the crowd of passengers waiting, waiting to board the vessel.  Two weeks ago the BC Government paid for eight signs highlighting the benefits of some of its programs with one exception.  To the far north of the holding pen there was, MLA Naomi Yamamoto offering her assisntance with your ICBC claim, MSP application, etc.  The next seven signs were all of the really Gooooooooooood things that the BC Liberals provide with our tax dollars.

Today, the MLA| Yamamoto sign has been moved from the far, dark north end location to the centre simply because its what every passenger sees first while going through the turnstiles.  Yamamoto claims that she can help but when it really comes down to it she needs our help to win another term. 

The reason for the front and centre move?   There's an overhead spot light.

The provincial election is mere weeks away.

On who's authority was the sign moved;  for what purpose; how much did it cost to put the sign there when its obviously been done for a partisan purpose that benefits the BC Liberal Party Candidate Naomi Yamamoto.

How many other Translink billboards are promoting the MLA's of ONLY the government?

Are there any billboards promoting MLAs equally instead of exclusively for the BC Liberal Party Club?

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