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Part II: Another RCMP raid on BC Liberal Legislature offices? Is the Premier in Hawaii?

No wonder the RCMP has had to step into the lobbyist / contributor / political party arena because the report from of Keith Archer is .....
  ....The paper summarizes the frequency of disclosure of political contributions in Canada and the United States and identifies options for implementing more frequent disclosure of political contributions in B.C.   .....
No mention of the lobbyists

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 Real-time Disclosure
Link to news release: BC Liberals lead on transparency, accountability with real-time reporting of contributions


Discussion Paper: Disclosure of Political Contributions – May 2016

What is real time disclosure?

While the term 'real time disclosure' is sometimes used to describe the work of more frequent reporting of political contributions, it is an inaccurate and inconsistently defined phrase.
For example, financial institutions often provide free stock quotes to the general public with a delay of up to twenty minutes from when the price was last updated. The same institutions also offer paid access to feeds showing live stock quotes without any significant lag time. Although both types of quotes often are referred to as 'real time quotes', the term 'real time quote' is accurate only for this second feed because the price shown reflects the actual price at that moment in time.

In contrast, there is no jurisdiction in Canada or the U.S.. (and perhaps globally) that requires the public disclosure of political contributions immediately after they are made. The jurisdictions with the timeliest of reporting requirements still provide 24 hours for the recipient of the contribution to report it to the election management body for public disclosure. In other jurisdictions, recipients may have anywhere from 48 hours to ten business days to report the contribution. Once reported, some jurisdictions then provide the election management body with up to ten additional business days to make the disclosure public.

Therefore this discussion paper uses the phrase 'more frequent reporting of political contributions' to refer to the disclosure of political contributions on any basis more frequent than the Election Act currently provides.

The term 'disclosure notification' is used in this discussion paper to refer to the mechanism by which political contribution information will be provided to Elections BC for public disclosure to distinguish them from reports currently required to be
filed under the Election Act.

Sent: April-01-16 10:43 AM
To: Elections BC General mail EBC:EX Subject: Attorney General file no. 420807 Importance: High
Dr. Keith Archer
Chief Electoral Officer
Elections BC

I am writing further to my telephone message to you on March 31. 2016. to continue my advice to you regarding the request by the Premier that the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer undertake a process of evaluating the requirements for more frequent contribution reporting (Real Time Disclosure's). As discussed. I anticipate that this would involve disclosure requirements on a quarterly, or possibly a monthly basis, rather than the current requirement for annual disclosure..
While the first priority for the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer must he the completion of the electoral boundary maps and supporting material. I would ask that your office begin to give consideration to the following questions regarding Real Time Disclosure:
• How much time would be required to develop a proposal and to implement Real Time Disclosure:
• What cost would he involved;
• What legislative changes would be required: and
• Are there precedents in other jurisdictions that could be considered.
Thank you for your consideration of this request. Yours very truly.
Original signed iv:
Suzanne Anton QC Attorney General Minister of Justice

April 5. 2016
Honourable Suzanne Anton. QC
Attorney General and Minister of Justice

Dear Minister:

Thank you for your voice message of March 31, and follow-up letter of April 1. regarding "Real Time Disclosure".

In your letter, you request that I give consideration to the following questions

How, much time would be required to develop a proposal and to implement Real Time Disclosure:
. What cost would be involved:
.What legislative changes would he required: and
• Are there precedents in other jurisdictions that could be considered.

I am pleased to undertake this task. In keeping with my role as an independent officer of the legislature, and following established protocol. I will provide this advice to you. with a copy to the Speaker. the Opposition Spokesperson for Justice (Attorney General), the member in the Legislative Assembly for the third party, the independent member in the Legislative Assembly. and will post the response on the Elections BC webpage.
Keith Archer, Ph.D. Chief Electoral Officer British Columbia

BC Lobbyist Registry

Who's Lobbying Who

This section of the website provides monthly summaries of lobbying activities that organizations and consultant lobbyists have or expect to carry out in B.C. Each summary covers all new registrations that were submitted and activated during that particular month.

Down to 


Why do lobbyist make multiple donations on the same day? 

Why not just one?

Records are kept with  Elections BC  @   Financial Reports and Political Contributions System


PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    4/30/2014    $275.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    5/23/2014    $100.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    9/30/2014    $125.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    1/28/2015    $10.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    1/31/2015          $500.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    1/31/2015          $2,500.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    1/31/2015          $2,500.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    1/31/2015          $300.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    3/24/2015    $350.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    3/31/2015         $150.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    3/31/2015         $9,000.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    3/31/2015         $850.00
PHILIP HOCHSTEIN    3/31/2015         $250.00


MARK JILES    12/31/2014    $300.00
MARK JILES               1/31/2015    $700.00
MARK JILES               1/31/2015    $1,000.00
MARK JILES    2/28/2015    $900.00
MARK JILES    3/24/2015    $950.00
MARK JILES    4/30/2015    $1,000.00
MARK JILES    6/30/2015    $900.00

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e.a.f. said...

those Leg. raid considerably cheered me up when they happened. Unfortunetly nothing really came of them. Yes, we got Railgate, but even that was a disappointment. As I recall the raids were the result of a drug investigation so the question in my mind has always been, what really happened there or did it turn out like Railgate and everyone forgot about it.

So if we have another raid on the Leg. or Socred/B.C. Lieberal h.q.s. watch Weaver get out there mentioning the NDP more frequently than the words B.C. Lieberal. This is a Trump move, distract, distract, distract. Those who are thinking of voting NDP because they consider the B.C. Lieberals too corrupt, well Christy and Weaver will ensure the NDP gets painted with the same brush. Result, Christy back in office with having to rely on Weaver and a couple of his new MLAs to get their legislation through, i.e roll back MSP and teachers' contracts.

When the t.v. stations time the b.c. government commercials. or b.c. Lieberal commercials paid for by taxpayers and the friends of the B.C. Lieberals right after one another, not much is going to be left to chance.