Wednesday, March 15, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: April 1: Grouse Mountain Resort awarded 100 year contract to operate Translink's Gondola fleet across Burrard Inlet!!

April 1st?

Three times Monday morning we had to confirm that our home delivered Vancouver Sun newspaper was dated correctly:

North Vancouver District City Mayor Darrell Mussatto has started an interesting conversation about improving transportation to the North Shore, suggesting the region should consider running rapid transit through a tunnel under Burrard Inlet. But maybe there’s a better option.

A transit gondola would be a fraction of the cost, easier to build, cheaper to operate and have a lower environmental footprint, forever.

I anticipate that this idea may inspire a certain amount of eye-rolling, but there’s evidence that a gondola could be a practical and affordable option. Let’s consider both obstacles and possibilities.

The first obstacle is distance: the SeaBus (which connects the two most obvious passenger transportation centres in Vancouver and North Vancouver) plies a 3.24-kilometre crossing. The Sun recently quoted University of B.C. engineering professor Erik Eberhardt, estimating that the cost of tunnelling “a few kilometres” under the harbour would be about $1 billion. And that, presumably, is just for the tunnel; never mind the expensive rail links, passenger infrastructure and rolling stock.

But the Peak2Peak gondola at Whistler, which runs 4.4 kilometres with a single span of 3.06 kilometres, cost just $51 million in 2008. It can be done. ...... SNIP

Sea Bus Gondola
If Translink is looking for a money maker overseer, then Grouse Mountain Resort has the credentials.  One only needs to look at their Sky 'high' Ride return trip pricing which does not include paid parking fees.

A Gondola ride from the ICBC rooftop at Lonsdale Quay to a matching one at Vancouver's Waterfront station with two supporting towers in between would cost $100 Million???

The City of North Vancouver's 'Chunnel' to Vancouver is subject to earthquake activity, and immediate flooding of the tunnel would occur.

With Translink going the airborne Gondola route, the manufacturer claims that they come with airbag flotation devices which are deployed upon impact with water.

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