Monday, February 6, 2017

Why pay $20,000! to sit down with BC Premier Christy Clark when $900 buys a BC Liberal Minister for a year

There are actually some pretty big things going on - more pre-election announcements from the Liberals, who suddenly have gazillions of dollars for all sorts of things like bridges and... bridges, but in the meantime check out this gem of a report The Lynn Valley Local Plan - Planning Report from back in 1998. - North Vancouver Politics 

Links To North Shore MLAs 

NV Lonsdale MLA Naomi Yamamoto   For Sale  (priceless)

WV-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan   Is more interested saving a Vancouver Island riding than ...  


NV-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite   Server not Found here

Thornthwaite is just as concerned about their Vancouver Island ridings as Sultan

Mike Smyth: the Province   Vancouver Island Leaks Party contacts

WayBack Machine:

Ralph Sultan in 2014

Jane Thornthwaite  2014

Naomi Yamamoto  2013

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