Sunday, February 12, 2017

Christy Clark jumps too quickly to a conclusion but has always managed to wriggle free?

Christy Clark to Rob Shaw and Derrick Penner:
It is further proof of the fact when we jump to conclusions and we make a mistake we should own up to it.  And I have no problem saying sorry because I made a mistake and I shouldn't have jumped to those conclusions as quickly as I did.

Christy Clark:
And I want to do as much as I can to make that right today to offer my apology to John, which I've done.

Christy Clark:
I don't know what else I can do except apologize to him,

I'm glad I've been able to get that off my chest because certainly when Vicki Huntington came forward and said it was her that had the information and her office that obtained it, I needed to make sure I made it right with John.

If Christy keeps backtracking on making conclusions too quickly she won't need to wear a Site C bra.

Wally Oppal archived writings can still be seen on the BC Legislature walls
VICTORIA – Corporations, governments and individuals will soon be able to offer a sincere apology as part of their dispute resolution process without fear of legal liability, thanks to new legislation being tabled today, said Attorney General Wally Oppal.

“There are times when an apology is very important and appropriate but the legal implications have long been uncertain,” said Oppal. “The Apology Act is designed to promote the early and mutually beneficial resolution of disputes by allowing parties to express honest regret or remorse by removing concerns that an apology amounts to an admission of liability or could void provisions of an insurance policy.”

Same Vancouver Sun same article above:

John Horgan:
She created a problem for herself, she's been making it bigger ... as each day goes by,

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