Thursday, February 23, 2017

BC Liberals SOLD, not RENTED BC Rail beds to CNR

 If British Columbians still own the rail bed for OUR BC Rail how is it that CNR has the ability to charge a user fee for those wanting to walk under/over to West Vancouver's waterfront?

What next?

CNR will go after every intersection, western to eastern shores of Canada, the arctic to the 49th Parallel?

CNR's logic is that because the value of their rented railbed has sky rocketed out of sight, like that of our homes, then they should be entitled to benefit from that.

 CN takes district of West Vancouver to court over alleged encroachments near popular sea walk

 By Keith Fraser & Denise Ryan, Vancouver Sun February 22, 2017

If CN Rail gets its way, one of the most popular seawalls in West Vancouver may be off limits to the public.

The District of West Vancouver says it is challenging a bid by the Canadian National Railway to shut down access to much of the Centennial Seawalk that runs along a railway corridor after CN sought to charge the district $3.7 million in rent per year for use of the waterfront attraction.

The Centennial Seawalk is of particular importance to local seniors, walkers with canes and the handicapped, said local walker Molly Culey. “This is the only part that no dogs are allowed on, so people who are handicapped can use it, no dogs, scooters, bicycles on this section. It’s the only section that is kept like this,” said Culey, who was alarmed by the news.  ..................


Canadian National Railway Co. is paying $1-billion in cash to acquire provincially owned BC Rail Ltd., unveiling a plan yesterday to expand its fleet of rail cars and chop 430 jobs.

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and CN chief executive officer Hunter Harrison announced the deal in front of provincial Liberal cabinet ministers and MLAs in Victoria, with Mr. Campbell's caucus applauding the long-awaited move to unload debt-laden BC Rail's freight operations.

"It creates a very strong franchise," Mr. Harrison said.

The combination of Montreal-based CN, Canada's largest railway, and North Vancouver-based BC Rail, the country's third largest, will ensure the long-term health of rail service in B.C., he said.

Mr. Campbell emphasized that the provincial government will maintain ownership of the tracks, rail beds and rights-of-way, while CN will pick up an operating lease that could last up to 90 years.


 Bottom Line?

Will the stronghold BC Liberal MLA Ralph Sultan be a thing of the past?

Canadian National Railway aka David McLean contributions to the BC Liberal Party:

56 payments totaling:  $295,760.00

David McLean     $350,077.50

Bob Mackin:  Lucrative 'Air Christy' chartered helicopters via Blackcomb Aviation, owned by the McLean Group


 Rocky Mountaineer Tent Tunnel Entrance:

Through the canvas tunnel

To the Siding Station

No Washroom

Passenger Suitcase Roll-Up the Ramp / Porter Steps Suitcase Down


Anonymous said...

Ralph is the Sultan of Snooze.

Well paid to clap on demand.stay silent and stay awake. Christy 's oldest poodle.

Very good a cutting ribbons. Tad under utilized, but too smart to be a part of the Liberal front bench.

Anonymous said...

I still think that any legislation from the BC Liberals first term has no legal status as they unconstitutionally failed to recognize the NDP as the "Official Opposition" ... but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

and how much rent does west coast express pay a month to use rail line?

North Van's Grumps said...

Rocky Mountaineer via Whistler .....