Monday, January 30, 2017

"A Guide to British Columbia's Liquefied Natural Gas Sector: LNG 101" with a chaser of the 405 movie.

We did a Post back in April of 2014 on the background to  A Guide to British Columbia's Liquefied Natural Gas Sector:  LNG 101  with this screen shot from Premier Christy Clark:  A Promise Made in 2013 is A Promise that can be broken in 2017.  LNG is Toast

While researching the original material we came across an anomaly, something that just doesn't happen, so says the BC Liberal Government soothsayer Ben James when it comes to mixing government politics with personal politics.  It just doesn't happen.

The topic was Engage BC LNG 101 =  "Basic introduction" for the simpletons
Engage BC LNG 101
The GCPE (Government Communications & Public Engagement) people who work for the Premier's Office had some extra times on their hands in 2007 and up until 2013 with Brian Bonney time sharing 50/50 thingy ruined it just before the 2013 election.  50 from the BC Liberal Party funds / 50 from British Columbia tax payers.

The Proof?

At precisely the same time that the GCPE (George Gretes not included, he was still in detention at school) were writing the LNG 101 brochure, they had their feet up on their desks, with popcorn in hand  ..... and watching  the movie 405

It only took three minutes to see it, but the GCPE being a large body of people $$$$ .... watched it twenty-one more times

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